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Home Music Big Time Rush Concert Review: The Boy Band Craze Is Returning
Big Time Rush Concert Review: The Boy Band Craze Is Returning

Big Time Rush Concert Review: The Boy Band Craze Is Returning


‘Rushers’ took over the San Jose Event Center to see super group Big Time Rush hit the stage. The cleverly named super fan of the current boy band sensation was well represented at the small venue. Only a few thousand tickets were sold and quickly the show was deemed a sell out. These four have become super stars, being introduced to the world via Nickelodeon’s airwaves it’s no wonder they have become hot commodities on the tour circuit. This summer BTR will be back, in much larger venues.

Opening this show was Jojo. A talented songstress that some will remember as a 14-year-old girl singing “Get Out, Leave.” That song and a few other pop mega hits catapulted her into the entertainment elite. These days Jojo is 21 and when she isn’t acting, she’s singing. Her much anticipated album drops soon and her Youtube channel is collecting millions of views due to a solid cover of “Marvin’s Room.”

The BTR crowd may be a little young for Jojo these days. Even so, she brought an East Coast attitude that had the screaming crowd on their feet. Between her commanding stage presence, her catchy songs and prior success Jojo is poised to head line soon.

The BTR show featured an elaborate stage, pyro and mediocre dance moves. This is their first tour after all. But it really didn’t matter. The fans in attendance were ecstatic that the group was in front of them. Bedlam began as soon as they hit the stage.

Of course these four didn’t set out to be musicians. And this tour seemed to be a trial run to gauge the market and their on stage skills. They passed both tests with flying colors. Although some moments were awkward. Catapulting themselves ten feet in the air off of a trampoline wasn’t so great. Neither were baseball caps each wore with a bedazzled initial of their first name. But for all the of the cringe worthy moments there were some memorable ones.

It’s surprising these four made it back on stage after they ventured ten rows into the crowd to get closer to their adoring audience. They made hundreds of young fans swoon with a handshake. And, of course, one lucky girl was brought center stage so the guys could serenade her.

The show was exactly what critics and supporters of the tour would expect. Nothing out of the ordinary. Merchandise was flying off the shelves, young girls were in tears and the guys danced the night away and did their best to hit the notes during songs entitled “Boyfriend,” and “If I Ruled The World.” For now they actually do.

The boy band craze is peaking once again. With One Direction vying for the same demographic’s dollars this summer it will be interesting to see how long Nick’s answer to the JoBros lasts. This summer shouldn’t be any different than the San Jose show though. Plenty of screaming fans will fill the seats of the huge arenas this sensation will be head lining. Much to the delight of the television exec’s who concocted this super group.


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