Tyga Concert Review: An Entrepreneur On Stage

Tyga looks like a rap star. He sounds like one too. His name on the marquee of the Warfield Theater in San Francisco drew thousands of fans and a sell out. Tyga has been making the rounds for quite some time now. Rounding out last year on the road with Chris Brown and now, with his debut album “Careless World: Rise of the Last King,” on shelves, a head lining jaunt. Some may be sick of “Rack City,” but, judging by the crowd, those folks are in the minority.

Another Lil Wayne protege, Lil Twist, took the stage first. The up-and-coming teen artist rapped and sung his way through a 30 minute performance which was impressive. Record label YMCMB saw star quality in Twist years ago and it’s finally panning out.

Twist has a confidence that translates into a solid stage show. He knows how to work the crowd. Ladies love him and his R&B side. He’s honing his rhyming skills and gradually winning an older set over as well. As far as performing live goes, Twist is well beyond his years.

Tyga’s stage features the letters of his name prominently. Just in case a debate breaks out mid set about who that actually is on stage, no worries, the four giant letters are lit up behind him. His DJ perched well above the audience atop the T.

Of course, the fans need no help in the name department. They know exactly who’s head lining and every lyric. It was truly surprising hearing the majority of the songs, even material from mix tapes, being repeated by the audience.

Tyga’s mainstream repertoire includes “Deuces,” and “Far, Far Away.” While those songs are PG-13 his not-so-mainstream material is the exact opposite. There were some mothers, with their daughters in tow, donning shocked looks as Tyga waxed poetic about the hundreds of women that have bounced on his you know what.

Although the hip hop game can be fickle and fame can be fleeting, Tyga is a solid performer and he’s expecting longevity. His work ethic is legendary and his on stage persona large. Honey Cocaine, an artist Tyga has signed to his very own label, made a brief appearance and got the crowd hyped. Tyga has also branched out to the fashion market producing a Last Kings clothing line. Just in case he’s not as ill as he thinks he is, Tyga is setting himself up to cash royalty checks and hawk 60 dollar t-shirts from the comfort of his mansion.

This is no musician. Tyga is an entrepreneur and he wants to pull every nickel out of the rap game before he’s old news. Don’t expect him to quit hitting stages any time soon though. It’s clear he’s having too much fun.


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