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Home Music LMFAO Concert Review: A Little Crazy
LMFAO Concert Review: A Little Crazy

LMFAO Concert Review: A Little Crazy


Thousands of fans arrived to The Oracle Arena in Oakland donning their best neon attire. They were also ready to party rock. Redfoo and SkyBlu, famed members of LMFAO, were poised to take the stage and their ridiculously dressed fans were poised to dance the night away. But before the official party began the cavalcade of Interscope artists that the duo had brought along with them had to perform. And that was a buzz kill.

Matthew Koma was up first and set a devastating tone for the rest of the night. As Koma launched into his first song he quickly realized that his mic wasn’t working. Although his vocals were out, his guitar was still pumping through the sound system loud and clear. Instead of dealing with this like a slick rock star ( Melissa Etheridge on live television nearly a decade ago, anyone?) Koma pulled an Axl Rose. He completely lost his cool, threw down his pick, tore out his ear piece and stormed off stage. After the vocal audio had been restored he returned to heckles and laughter. The tough guy act didn’t work ( how tough can one look in skinny jeans?) and his inexperience had shone through. Not a good note to begin the “Sorry For Party Rocking Tour.”

Eva Simons was up next and brought some positive energy and talent back to the stage. She was energetic, her voice soared and her unique style fit well with her sound. This is a talented pop star in the making. She already has one hit under her belt, the catchy “Take Over Control,” and her onstage presence is strong.

Far East Movement was tasked with bringing back the audience once again after they had tuned out to the musical stylings of DJ Sidney Samson. FEM are one of the most entertaining live acts that the hip hop industry has had to offer the past few years. The group ran through all their hits while jumping around the stage frantically. The audience ate it up and FEM had done their job getting the crowd hyped for the head liner.

Inflatable palm trees, zebras and neon glow sticks hit the stage long before any party rocking began. Once LMFAO emerged it was a flood of hit songs, catchy chorus lines and the duo doing what they do best: entertaining an audience. They’re not as polished as Martin and Lewis but they’re the closest thing this scantily clad generation has to them. Their interludes in between songs were surprisingly crisp and funny. Neither of them missed a comic beat.

This show was reminiscent of a mediocre Adam Sandler movie. You know what you’re getting into when you buy the tickets. An evening of fluff is good every once in awhile. These two don’t have deep lyrics, they aren’t the best vocalists, but they’re more entertaining than most touring acts. Your worries are left at the door and no one has to apologize for getting a little crazy.



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