Linkin Park And Incubus Arrive On West Coast To Conclude 2012 Honda Civic Tour

Linkin Park and Incubus are the co-headliners of this year’s Honda Civic Tour, and tonight they start their final segment of concert dates on the West Coast. Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington and Incubus front man Brandon Boyd recently gave some insight into the high-demand tour.

“I think the most special thing about this tour is the fact that you have two headlining bands singing together on one bill, which typically can be kind of hard to do,” said Bennington. “Usually when you’re in a position to headline a tour of this kind, there’s only room for one headlining band usually. So the fact that Incubus gets to come out and perform a full headlining set, and Soul Production and Linkin Park gets to come out and perform our full headlining set with personal production and everything is kind of special.”

“I personally think it’s an occasion that’s kind of long overdue,” added Boyd. “We have a lot of mutual listeners, our bands, and I think that it’s one of those things that once the idea was floated, and we really kind of caught onto it, that it seemed like [a] ‘Why haven’t we done this yet?’ type of a thing.

“There are a lot of Linkin Park listeners who are also Incubus listeners and vice versa. As far as the feedback is concerned from people around the world, once this tour was announced it’s been overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic.”

The bands, with MuteMath as their opener, will play Tacoma, WA tonight, before Mountain View, CA on September 7, Carson, CA on September 8 and the final tour stop, Chula Vista, CA on September 10. Limited tickets and more information are available via Linkin Park’s website.

It’s a time of change for both groups; Linkin Park has recently released their latest album, Living Things, with the lead single “Burn It Down,” which has enjoyed considerable radio and television airplay.

Conversely, according to Boyd, Incubus is “without a record label” and will “probably take another break. I have been tinkering around potentially with a second solo record. That’s probably the most likely scenario.”

Yet the Honda Civic Tour is a chance for both bands to take something away from each other, just as the fans will take something away from each of their performances. “I hope that our bands can walk away inspired from each other,” added Bennington. “I’ve always appreciated Incubus for their music. And they’re also very good live. I’ve had the chance to pop over and watch them play a couple songs onstage here and there at some festivals throughout our career and they’re a great live band. So I think the energy is going to be really amazing out in the crowd. I would actually like to be down there to watch the show but I don’t know if that’s going to be possible!”

How does he describe the tour itself? “Linkin Park isn’t the band that you go to see chairs on the floor in the arena,” he aid. “No one wants to come to a Linkin Park show and stand there and look at the band and listen to beautiful music. People want that but they also want to be kicked in the face, and they want to run into each other, and they want to jump up and down and sing and have a really great, high-energy time.

“We’re just going to go out and do what our fans want from us, which is [to] play songs that they’re familiar with, and catch up on some on the new music and [let them] become familiar with that. From Linkin Park’s standpoint, we’re just going to come out and put on the highest-energy show we can, and incorporate as much of the new music as possible.”

The Honda Civic Tour runs through September 10.

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  1. i would’ve LOVED to go to this tour but they didn’t come anywhere close. good to know it went pretty well!

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