Ed Sheeran Releases ‘Give Me Love’ Music Video

Last Friday, Ed Sheeran released the highly anticipated final single for his album ‘+’! The single, Give Me Love, is a fan favorite among his followers. It was announced a few weeks ago of the filming of this music video. Soon after, radio plays of the song started to explode all over the world. A common theme in Ed’s videos is to tell the story of someone else. He rarely appears in his videos, only making a few short cameos. This video centers around Australian actress, Isabel Lucas (Red Dawn, Immortals, Transformers). She portrays a type of damaged cupid figure. Check out the video below!

Beautiful directorial approach on this, in my opinion. There are many different perceptions people can take out of the video. How I see it, Lucas’ character becomes obsessed with the idea of love. She understands it to the point where she can give it to people, if the moment is right. She goes around throughout the video shooting people with arrows, giving them the chance at love… All while trying to find it for herself. Yet, you cannot give love to yourself, it must be given to you. Seeing countless people falling in love keeps building up this anger inside of her, until she snaps, stabbing countless people with her arrows. In the end, she gets put into a state of complete despair. Her last hope was to stab herself with the arrow for a chance at love, but resulted in killing herself… All until the very handsome police officer shows up, his love waking her from her death. Another thing to point out, is that Ed Sheeran never gets shot with the arrow for some reason. Why do you think that is, FanBolters and Sherrios?

Moral of the Video: Love can only be given to you, and love comes to those who wait.

This video was directed by Emil Nava. I love all of Ed’s video’s, because they have such deep meanings, but this video has to be my favorite. I cannot express how much I adore the route they took with the song. Perfect.

What are your thoughts on the video, FanBolters? Do you agree with my perception of the music video, or do you have a different idea of the inner meaning?

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