Carrie Underwood Concert Review: Pure Country With Class

Carrie Underwood has been setting records since the second she left American Idol. She’s become accustomed to arena audiences and looked at home on the massive Sleep Train Arena’s stage in Sacramento. “The Blown Away Tour” has been selling out dates across the country and Northern California was no different. Underwood’s fans are as diverse as they come. Young and old, country and pop fans, all gather when she’s in town.

Hunter Hayes served as opening act and did what he does best. He made the young female fans swoon and their male counterparts bob their heads. Hayes seems to appeal to everyone. He’s a talented musician with an engaging personality and the looks of a pop star. His stage presence was surprisingly strong for a newbie to the large venues and his vocals were solid. He closed out the set to a large ovation performing his hit “Storm Warning.” Hayes is a young star in the making and won’t be a secret, or an opening act, for much longer.

Underwood appeared to thunderous applause, looking every bit the part of country royalty. She showcased her wardrobe as well as her vocal skills, switching up her look multiple times throughout the 90 minute performance. Her powerhouse vocals took over the show, but her ad-libs in between songs were less than stellar. However, fans weren’t there to hear her talk.

Her song book is full of platinum and that made the set move along at light speed. One hit after another elicited screams from her amped up fans. The only thing better than the music was the production. Underwood and her entire band, back up vocalists and all, were lifted above the audience mid set and took a flight to the back end of the arena. Three songs were performed as the group took their ride dozens of feet above the sold out crowd.

Underwood’s show is family friendly, predictable and worth every penny spent on admission. There are moments when the production was overdone, the fans blowing her blonde locks was a bit much. But Underwood does everything right – as she has done her entire career. She was professional, hit every note flawlessly and sent the audience home happy. No surprises on this tour. Just pure country with class.


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