Southland Cast Talk: Vigilante Justice, Addiction & More

With the season premiere of Southland mere hours away, the cast of the show is spilling a few details on what we can expect for season three!

Ben McKenzie admits that within the first four episodes, an officer will be killed. Who’s the unlucky officer? “It’s me,” says McKenzie, who quickly relieves us all when he says “just kidding”.

And as far as love, McKenzie isn’t revealing any information on that subject. Actually, what he is revealing seems quite the opposite. McKenzie reveals that Officer Ben Sherman is feeling the pressures of the job and hops in the car (and bed) of a notorious police groupie or “badge bunny” (played by cult-TV fave Stacy Haiduk). However, McKenzie assures fans, “We won’t be going on romantic dates. It’s really more to inform who Ben is becoming on the job as opposed to some long lost unrequited love.”

Now that we know Officer Sherman isn’t falling in love or falling to his death anytime soon, McKenzie spills on what the season holds emotionally for his character. Remember what motivated Ben Sherman to become a police officer in the first place? That demon is coming back to haunt him. McKenzie reveals. “In episode three the guy who raped my mom gets out of jail and that tips off a pretty intense series of events.” Vigilante justice? “Perhaps,” McKenzie says, “It’s about Ben understanding his past fully…and coming to peace as best he can with it.”

On to another important character of the show…is Detective Lydia Adams still experiencing difficulty with new partners? Yes. Her problem will extend into the upcoming season, Regina King is confirming; this time with a tough female detective. “It’s really cool––the dynamic with having the two women as partners. We’re not Cagney and Lacey by any means, but two strong personalities together that detect two different ways,” King says. But how is her old partner Russell (Tom Everett Scott) taking to the changes? King explains, “Some real interesting things are going to happen. Russell’s just not happy with the situation, period, so obviously when he sees Lydia out with her new partner it’s a little sting.”

Don’t miss the season three premiere of Southland tonight at 10PM ET/PT on TNT!


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