Lisa Edelstein Talks House: Onscreen Romance, Olivia Wilde & More

Lisa Edelstein just won her first major award for her flawless performance as Cuddy on the hit Fox drama House. Now, the rising star is speaking out about all things House we fans are dying to hear about!

For all the “Huddy” fans out there, Lisa is admitting she’s loving acting out the House and Cuddy romance this season. “It’s been amazing,” Lisa says. “I’ve certainly had a lot more to do, and I’ve loved that…I love working with Hugh, and I’ve gotten to do that a lot. I just think it had to happen at some point. You can’t just keep running around in circles. So now we’ll move forward and see what happens from there, but I’ve really enjoyed the storyline.”

So what about those other Princeton-Plainsboro females? While Olivia Wilde hasn’t been around much this season, Amber Tamblyn seems to have filled the void nicely. “I adore Amber Tamblyn,” Lisa says. “First of all, she’s been acting since she was an embryo, and she’s very bright, and she’s very together, and she’s hilariously funny…Really confident—a really self-confident young woman. Olivia, too—it’s nice to be around such smart, confident, together young women.”

Now for the question dawning on all House fans’ minds: Will Olivia Wilde ever return as a series regular? “I think she’s still considered one [a series regular]. It’s just that she’s off being a movie star. Bye, Olivia. It was nice knowing you…She’s coming back. She’s coming back this year.”

And there you have it House fans – Olivia Wilde is returning, and as for Edelstein, well, she’s loving the “Huddy” love! What do you love about House?


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