Jersey Shore’s New Season: Fistfights, Makeouts and Juiceboxes

Jersey Shore is back for a second season, and with a new addition to the house, the cast are revealing what’s in store for the show in the near future…

First off, there’s the new castmate, Deena Nicole Cortese. Deena is at first glance a pint-sized loud-mouthed lady who fills in the spot of two-time show quitter Angelina; in other words, just another Snooki, right? Wrong. While Deena admits that she and “Snooks” may have a bond, she says they are also totally different people.

“First of all our types of men are different, Snooks likes the juiceboxes, I like the Lean Cuisines,” says Deena. “She’s more into finding a guy to settle down with and me, I’m more if I find someone I find someone. Snooks is also hard to wake up, I’m an Energizer Bunny.”

It seems “Energizer Bunny” is the right name for her, considering her multiple hookups to come, which include men and women. But [shocker] Deena is also revealing she has a household crush…

“Pauly is my fave person in the house,” she says. “I love Pauly. He’s out there, he’s random, he’s very genuine. I had a blast with him. There were a lot of hookups in the house through this season, with a lot of people outside the house and inside the house. I’m always making out with girls, and when I’m drunk I enjoy making out with people.”

As for some of the other cast members, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino reveals he’s bought a Bentley and added some more women to his roster.

“I really haven’t changed much, I still love to have fun and go out and am a spontaneous person,” he says. “I don’t have the ticker next to the bed [this season]…I do have the customer satisfaction ballot next to the bed though.” “Like at a restaurant, they fill it out. I have it next to my bed. I always get good reviews, repeat customers. You’re gonna see make ups and break ups. This is the best season yet.”

And as for Pauly, he’s still single and gives advice to never fall in love at the Jersey Shore. “I’m a single guy enjoying the single life. My friend said I never fall in love at the shore, so I didn’t. It stuck in my head.”
And as for Pauly’s future plans? ” I wanna do Jersey Shore until my blowout is gray then maybe I’ll quit,” he said. “Maybe 50 more seasons.”

If the show makes it to it’s 50th season, I think it’s safe to assume the cast may very well have “bedded” almost every person in New Jersey…

Are you loving the new season of Jersey Shore so far?


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