‘Lost Girl’ 4.05 Episode Recap and Review: Let the Dark Times Roll

Ain’t no party like a Dark fae party on this episode of Lost Girl!

We pick up right where we left off last week, with Bo throwing her theoretically-unaligned weight around in front of the Una Mens. They have little to no sense of humor and basically smack her down, telling her to go pay fealty to the Morrigan or die (along with Kenzi and Lauren).

Bo heads to the Dark fae offices and is more than a little surprised to see Evony hale and hearty. Evony tells Bo that she can get out of being Dark fae if she can prove that she was tricked into the choice before the next full moon, aka tonight. The Morrigan invites Bo and Kenzi to a little Dark fae shindig that evening. Upon attending, Bo is shocked to find Lauren a willing guest of the Dark fae and totally unwilling to leave their dubious protection. Evony gives Bo what she needs to find Vex, who surely was part of tricking her into going Dark, as long as Bo swears a blood oath that she’ll bring the Mesmer back to Evony. The Morrigan sends Lauren out with her, armed with an elixir that will knock Vex out.

They find where Vex is hiding out (which happens to be at Dyson’s place, since the wolf is out looking for Lauren), but he gets the drop on Bo and injects her with her own elixir. Vex reveals that the Una Mens have planted a curse in one of his hands (the source of a Mesmer’s power), and that in order to escape from them, he’s going to cut it off. Bo is unable to stop him, so Vex is somewhat free and at only half-power now. He tells her that he has no idea how she went Dark, but that she should check with the Dark Archivist, who would have extensive records on Bo’s “choice.”

According to the Archivist, who is currently keeping company with Evony, Bo’s Dark sponsor was someone named “Rainer.” The name does Bo no good, since Evony was lying about how Bo could get herself unaligned. There is no method of which Evony is aware.

Meanwhile, Trick has been summoned for a special audience with the Una Mens. He’s concerned that it has to do with his past as the Blood King, but that’s not really the case. The Una Mens drop a ton of exposition about how the Blood King, whoever he was because that couldn’t be this random barkeep standing right in front of them, was supposed to swallow this scary-looking seed (that we happened to see Trick putting away earlier) and become the final member of the Una Mens. Since that doesn’t seem to be happening, they’d like Trick to become the acting Ash. At least until they find the Blood King, wherever he is.

Trick and Bo meet up to at the Dál to trade stories about their respective days. Trick tells Bo that she can find out who Rainer is by checking in the King’s Book of Records, which he thinks he has somewhere around here. As it turns out, the Book is in the hands of the Una Mens, who are looking up Rainer as we speak. Rainer’s entry freaks the Una Mens right the hell out. “No, it cannot be. Never again!” Whoever Rainer is, it can’t be good. Also, Trick’s Una Mens seed is now on the move.

So, episode positives: I’m still fascinated by the whole Wanderer thing. It’s almost certainly linked to the earlier fears over how powerful Bo can become, and now that there might be ties to the Dark, it feels like it’s getting even more dangerous. I’m also excited to hear more about Trick’s past as the Blood King and how it may still come into play when he takes over as acting Ash.

Episode negatives: I’m pretty ready for TamTam to finish growing up. I can appreciate the humor in watching the warrior character go through an unsure adolescence, but I’m pretty much done now. Also, I’d have been happier if Evony’s line about Bo’s being able to deny going Dark weren’t an outright lie. I think the Dark fae are so much more interesting when they’re Lawful Evil and lawyering their way out of things.

On an entirely different note, neither positive nor negative, I’m trying to decide if I can understand Lauren’s point, or if I think she’s being way too picky over semantics. I get not wanting restrictive ties to the Light fae, but I’m not sure I understand her reluctance to be “claimed” by Bo. It’s worked out swimmingly for Kenzi thus far, but for the whole “human terrorist” thing, and Lauren already has that same issue. Given the appearance of the dead bridal couple under the tablecloth, I can only assume that Lauren’s choice to stay with the Dark fae is going to come back and royally bite her in the rear.

Best Quote:

Kenzi: “Space is cheap when you’re squatting.”

Things to Ponder:

    • How is having only one hand going to affect Vex? Will Paul Amos have to act with one green glove for the rest of the season, or is there a fix in the works?


    • How else was a dance-off to the death supposed to end, really?


  • Do you think Rainer is another name for the Wanderer? Maybe that’s why the song played over the end credits this time.


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