‘Game of Thrones’ Writers Create Fake Death Scenes to Mess with the Cast

Cast members of Game of Thrones are forever on their toes, because the show writers keep creating fake death scenes prompting stars to worry about life after the hit series.

Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow on the cult HBO drama, reveals no one feels safe because they never really know if they’re going to make it to the end of each season.

He explains, “We all flip through the scripts when we get them to see if we live or die, but the writers are very cruel; they sometimes write fake scenes to kill someone off and then that actor will be kind of out of a job and scared.

“People caught on to this… so now no one knows whether they actually die or not; you read it and go, ‘Is this a joke or do I actually die?'”

And Harington is staying mum on whether his character survives the upcoming fourth season of the show: “I can’t tell you. I could be out of a job right now.”


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  1. As long as you’re a character from the books, you’ll only die if you die in the books. They haven’t strayed that far from the source material, so it makes no sense why the actors would fall for this. It would take a 10-second web search for them to see how if they die at some point. They could also just read the books.

  2. I can understand that they stay pretty close to the books but the writers do have some “artistic liberty” to make changes or kill somebody off a little earlier or later if they felt it would serve the story better. They probably wouldn’t stray too far but certainly always have that option.