‘Being Human’ 4.06 Episode Recap and Review: Cheater of the Pack

Josh has a rude awakening on this week’s episode of Being Human!

Nora and Josh have successfully run with the new pack, but waking up seems to bring a new set of problems. Josh is far from the pack and spooned up behind the wrong blonde. It looks like his wolf got busy with Wendy, Mark’s wife. Josh fibs to Nora and the rest of the pack about where they were, and Wendy backs his play.

When they get back to the house, they don’t have terribly long to get settled before there’s a knock at the door. Robbie, Sally’s younger brother and their current landlord, is stopping in with news. He’s selling the house, and the housemates have 30 days to vacate or buy it themselves. Also, he’ll be hanging around to show the house and make some repairs to get it market-ready. Sally is largely unamused. Josh and Nora discuss options and decide that it might be time for them to move on, anyway. Nora wants to wait until Josh is more himself again, but this might be the push that they need. Aidan and Sally don’t take the news well.

Robbie starts bringing in potential buyers to see the house. A few minor ghosty incidents don’t phase them, so Sally casts a spell to create a godawful stench to chase them out. It’s successful, but it throws her back to 2009 when she and Danny were first moving in. It quickly becomes obvious that Robbie never trusted Danny with his sister.

Another set of prospective buyers comes through the house, only to be scared away when their young son gets attacked by Lil’ Smokie in Josh and Nora’s room. Things start going wrong all over the house. Josh and Nora assume it’s Sally’s work, even when the garbage disposal tries to eat Robbie’s hand. Somehow they haven’t noticed yet that Sally hasn’t been around for a while. Go figure.

Meanwhile, Aidan is lurking around Boston, trying to talk himself out of another blood binge. Susanna stops him from hitting up a blood bank and convinces him to come to her bar instead so that she can keep a friendly eye on him. When Josh calls, Aidan invites him to join them, and the boys drink and bond (like you do). Josh ends up coming clean to Aidan about Wendy. Aidan advises him to keep it a secret, saying that all telling Nora would do is assuage his own guilt and hurt her. Josh accepts the advice and heads home. Susanna closes up the place and proceeds to demonstrate the excellent craftsmanship of the bar with her former husband. They make a post-sexytiemes deal: Aidan won’t drink and she won’t kill vamps. Susanna will stake him if he slips, and Aidan will stop protecting her from the rest of the Boston vamps if she makes another kill.

Josh has decided not to follow Aidan’s advice and is just about to tell Nora everything when the doorbell rings. Mark comes through the door swinging and shouting. Nora tries to break up the fight, but Mark throws her off. This, of course, ticks off Josh more than anything Mark could have done to him. He half-turns and Nora is only barely able to talk him down from killing Mark. Once the other couple leaves, Josh and Nora have a big fight that results in Josh sleeping on the couch for a while.

While they’re talking, sinister things are going on down in the basement. Robbie working on some plumbing repairs and had put his headphones on earlier in order to drown out the fighting couples. Thus, he can’t hear when a pipe from the water heater behind him pops and starts flooding the area. Nor does he notice when some plugged-in power tools on a nearby table turn on and start working their way towards the growing puddle. Sally returns from her time in 2009 to find her brother’s ghost staring at his electrocuted body and trying to figure out what just happened.

Robbie’s not the only body in the house, though. Aidan slipped and brought home a redhead. Now he has to call Kenny for clean-up detail and hope that Susanna never finds out.

I’m still not entirely clear on how the werewolf transformation works in the Being Human universe. It’s totally conceivable to Nora that Josh can have no idea how he woke up away from the pack, but Josh’s psyche must have been aware that he wanted to cheat on her with Wendy? How much humanity is really retained when someone is in wolf form? I remember Oz (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) feeling responsible for anything that happened while he was in wolf form. Is this something similar?

I very glad the Lil’ Smokie plotline is being drawn more into the present. Having everything happen in Sally’s flashbacks felt a little weak and disconnected from the rest of the show. With Lil’ Smokie now a clear presence in the house, all of the characters are going to have to deal with her, not just Sally (and not just when Sally decides to do so by performing some sort of magic). I feel like the show works better when the roommates are all involved in one plotline and not off dealing with their problems alone. It’s more cohesive and allows for a lot more interplay between the characters.

Best Quote:

Aidan: “Me and Kenny didn’t drink that much…”
Sally: “Are you kidding? You wuz to’ up from the flo’ up! You lived, like, the ten spring breaks I never had!”

Best Quote – Honorary Mention:

Any time Sally said “b*tchslap” while stuck in 2009.

Things to Ponder:

    • I have no doubt in my mind that Josh and Nora are going to get through this rough patch. My question is whether they’re going to have serious repercussions with the pack now.


    • Follow-up Thing: Wolves are serial monogamists. Is Josh’s wolf rejecting Nora entirely?


    • Why did Lil’ Smokie kill the kid from Defiance? Will the disappearance/deaths of two children cause Sally and Robbie’s dad to sell the house ASAP?


  • Speaking of which, Jesse Rath has his own slot on Syfy. I’m taking bets on how many episodes we get before Robbie gets his door.


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