‘American Idol’ Judge’s Reveal Their Roles

With the premiere of the 10th season of American Idol just a week away, the judge’s are revealing their roles at the judges table, the new yet well-known host is talking, and everyone is opening up about their views on the contestants to come!

Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, Ryan Seacrest, and Randy Jackson are expected to break an American Idol record in ratings and viewers numbers this time around, though Ryan is already admitting to hoping one of them is put on a five-second tape delay [just in case anything ‘unprofessional’ slips out his mouth]….

Who? Steven Tyler, the Aerosmith frontman being labled the ‘rocker’ of the panel…though he doesn’t seem to mind the delay… “I get red in the face, she bails me out, and Randy says, ‘yo!'”. That’s the type of serious and professional critique Tyler is talking about bringing to the table, so one can imagine what responses could roll off his tongue!

But just what will the rocker be looking for this season on idol? Tyler reveals he’ll be searching for something real, both from himself and from the contestants. “It’s not just about singing. It’s character as well. It’s that thing you really can’t put your finger on, that certain something, I think I know what that is,” he says of his judging eye. And as for why he really chose to judge on the show, Steven says, “I wanted to test my limitations. I just wanted to see if I could be real and pick from all these kids.”

Sounds interesting, now onto one of the judge’s that’ll surely rack up a couple million viewer hits; Jennifer Lopez. What role with Jenny [From The Block] be hoping to touch base on at the table? None other than the mothering mentor type…”I get so attached to the contestants. I’ve already shed some tears. I hate to see them go,” she admits about whittling down to the top 20. “We see so much potential there. You want to just guide them through it all. It’s about who makes it under the pressure of the show. I tell them week after week, we’ve got to have our jaws drop every time.”

Though J.Lo may show contestants more of a soft side, that’s okay…’cause everyone is expecting veteran Randy Jackson to pick up the slack and tell it like it is! “You’re gonna have to have the whole package. But you’ll hear from all three of us,” he promises. However, Randy insists that he won’t be afraid to be honest. “You’re going to get a real read…if it’s terrible, it’s terrible.”

And we fans know…some are indeed terrible….

With all the different personalities on the judge’s panel, it’d only be fair to throw in a lovable well-known down-to-earth host, right? That’s where Ryan Seacrest comes in, who admits he’s a bit anxious to go live…

“I don’t know what it’s like live yet, but I’m looking forward to that. It’ll hopefully be like a circus. This show is very much like a sporting event and you’ve got to host it like one,” Ryan says. “I’m inspired by the new life here and I love it. Simon and I had our banter, and people knew us for that. But this is a whole new dynamic. It’ll be fun and very funny. I think you’ll be entertained by that. There’s a genuine camaraderie among this group.”

And there you have it idol fans…the host, the motherly mentor, the rockstar, and the veteran all plan to take on idol in their own unique ways…which one do you think will win over America’s hearts? Could Tyler fill the shoes of the infamous love-to-hate-him judge Simon Cowell?


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