Catching Up on the Wii U – Sonic: Lost World

Wii U – Catching Up on Nintendo’s Wii U Console

Sonic: Lost World
Sonic games always find a way to be a menacing time for players as it usually has moments of frustration during its gameplay. That’s no different with Sonic: Lost World as it has levels and boss fights that are just frustratingly difficult, which is not necessarily a bad thing as it is a good challenge, but it can surely have players grumbling ever so slightly at some of the forced mistakes.

Its difficulty is the type that takes players multiple tries to beat a section, thinking it might actually be hard, yet when they replay it for the 5th time it ends up being the easiest thing ever. The gameplay video below of a short boss fight shows off that frustration perfectly. Sonic is on ice which makes it slightly more difficult to move, and the video also shows how easy it is to randomly die in that situation but still be able to come back and defeat the boss with simplicity.

Even with the challenge that Sonic provides, it’s still an entertaining game for all Wii U owners to enjoy. There are plenty of beautiful worlds to speed through in its single player campaign that comes with a slight story twist, yet it’s one where Egg Man still bites (best line in the game!). The openness of the game is great and I love how it features moments of 2D gameplay in addition to the 3D. It offers a great mix of both elements, and it even includes additional unique yet familiar gameplay moments for fans of the series to delight in, such as speeding on rails.

Players have plenty to keep going back for after they’ve completed the main campaign. There are items to collect in each world and a time attack mode for players to compete in, taking on their friends and others with the online leaderboards. Sonic games have been very enjoyable lately and Sonic: Lost World is no different. It’s high-speed platforming fun!


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