Catching Up on the Wii U – CastleStorm

Wii U – Catching Up on Nintendo’s Wii U Console

CastleStorm is a game I enjoyed on the PC with its entertaining take on tower defense, and I now get to appreciate it on the Wii U as well. It’s certainly not as easy to aim and fire on the Wii U as it is on the PC version, but it’s not too bad and it makes for an even more challenging time. There are certain goals to hit on each stage such as having a high accuracy rating. So, with the increased difficulty in aiming on the Wii U version compared to the PC version, it definitely makes the accuracy test a challenge.

With this version, gamers are forced to come up with different strategies than what they may have gone with on the PC. For me, I am far more cautious when launching a projectile. The video below shows a strategy I use on certain levels where I let the enemy come in close before firing my weapons, ensuring for a higher percentage shot. No matter what strategy gamers decide to use, they are surely going to have a good time with the mixing styles in gameplay between launching projectiles, sending out troops, and using a powerful hero to control in side-scrolling combative action.

Castlestorm is a solid additional to the eShop. There are multiple ways of attacking the approaching enemy and different weapons to use for attacking their troops and castle. There’s still nothing better than achieving a combo and being able to unleash a massive amount of artillery on an enemy castle for a short period of time. Combo’s rock! It has a nice campaign with mixing objectives and online leaderboards for players to compete. It also comes with additional game modes, including online versus and co-op that can tie players up for a good chunk of time as well.


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