‘Gravity’ Blu-ray Review: Things Are Intense In Space

Gravity takes viewers on a frantic and intense ride to the Earth’s orbit, giving everyone numerous beautiful scenes to gasp over while remaining on the edge of their seat. Space seems so vast and bare, but it’s still a dangerous place to visit. That’s especially true with every piece of equipment that humans have put in our orbit, equipment that gets wrapped up in the Earth’s gravitational pull.

Gravity begins with a typical day in space where astronauts are simply (probably not too simple) working on a satellite. However, an alert comes in warning of an accident that caused space debris to launch in their direction at incredible speeds. The astronauts played by George Clooney and Sandra Bullock must try to get back to their shuttle before the debris strikes, but there isn’t enough time. This is when things get incredibly intense. Not only for them, but also for the viewer as it’s easy to feel all the action and commotion going on around them.

The debris launching at the shuttle and the satellite they are working on completely destroyed both, leaving them adrift in space with very little hope. Plus, the debris is orbiting Earth, meaning it’ll make another pass in just 90 minutes. It’s up to Clooney and Bullock to locate each other and make their way to the International Space Station before the debris makes its second pass.

Gravity becomes a survival movie very quickly, one that’s intense every step of the way with very little relief for the characters and the viewers. The intensity of the movie never fails and it shows how brutal things can be on the edge of Earth. I definitely didn’t expect to be so into the movie. The film does an amazing job of putting the viewer in space with the characters thanks to great camera work and incredible special effects. The viewer is right there alongside the character.

In the midst of all the commotion, Gravity does tell a story about Bullock’s character trying to overcome past sorrow and move beyond it in order to survive. Not only is she fighting the situation she’s in, but the sadness that still holds her hostage emotionally.

Gravity is an incredible film full of amazing visuals and an intensity that will grab the attention of every viewer right until the very end. It’s such an incredible and scary ride the entire way through, making for thrilling entertainment for all to get caught up in. The musical score is another fantastic addition to this film as it contributes in a large way to the intensity of every scene. All in all, It’s definitely worth watching.

The Blu-ray comes with a lot of worthy special features full of interesting information from behind the scenes of making the film. It’s amazing to hear how much editing went into the film and how the movie is based on a theory that could very well happen someday with all the current space junk that’s floating in our orbit. It also gives a closer look at the creation process of the movie and how it was for the actors being a part of it. Truly some interesting bonus features to watch.

Score: A


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