‘Lost Girl’ 4.06 Episode Recap and Review: Of All The Gin Joints

The mystery of Bo’s disappearance deepens on this week’s episode of Lost Girl.

The relative peace of the Dál is disturbed by the sudden entrance of a panicked, Russian, bird-like fae. She seems ecstatic to find Bo again, despite the fact that Bo has no recollection of ever seeing her before. Evidently Bo and Ianka met up and had a nice little chat during Bo’s missing months. Trick drops a load of fae exposition on us: Ianka is an Alkonost, a fae with an extremely powerful voice that can evoke memories or even cause death. (I’m sure neither of those things is going to become relevant at any point in this episode.)

Ianka is on the run, having escaped from her owner, Bamber. She promises to sing for Bo as long as Bo swears that she’ll help Ianka win her freedom. Alkonosts need to sing for audiences in order to feed, so Bo arranges for an impromptu concert at the Dál, only to have it interrupted by Bamber himself. He’s tracked Ianka to the bar using the GPS in her rather fancy, very irremovable necklace. Bo convinces him to let Ianka sing for the people gathered.

The concert is interrupted by the appearance of Marcus, who claims he has Ianka’s necklace wired to blow. He’s a member of a family currently at war with Bamber’s family. The history is that Marcus once stole Ianka from Bamber, and then Bamber stole her back. Now Marcus wants her again and is willing to see everyone dead to accomplish his goal. He sequesters himself in Trick’s office with Ianka. Dyson is able to tap into the receiver on Ianka’s necklace so that they can listen in to what’s going on (Felicity Smoak’s IT office may have something to say about the science there), but Marcus quickly realizes and detonates the crystals in her necklace…

…or at least he pretends to. Kenzie, who had run to Lauren to pick up some crystal-defusing juice, tells Bo and Dyson that the color of the crystals means that they were no longer volatile anyway. The conversation was staged so that Marcus and Ianka could escape together, being that they’re in love and all. Or at least Ianka thinks they are. What Marcus really wants is for Ianka to sing a death note to kill all the Bambers. Marcus turns on her and Ianka sings a death note for him, instead. In her weakened state, however, the death note is her own undoing, as well. She gives Bo a tiny box, then dies theatrically in her arms.

The box is a recording of Ianka’s song, something that upsets Bo greatly when she listens to it later. She reveals to Dyson that she’s afraid of becoming driven by revenge for what was done to her. Recent events coupled with Ianka’s song have made her realize that she must have joined the Dark fae willingly. Dyson is willing to work through that, but the Una Mens, who materialize in Bo’s bedroom, have other thoughts about that.

Meanwhile, over in the B plot, Evony shows at Lauren’s apartment with beer, pizza, and the lost diaries of several famous scientists. They girl-bond like crazy over the course of the episode, with Evony actually seeming like not such a bad person. She gives Lauren the key to the Dark fae research facility, no strings attached. Lauren kisses her, but tells her that she still doesn’t trust the Morrigan. As it turns out, once Evony leaves, Lauren removes the invisible plastic from her lips and saves it in a petri dish, presumably preserving a sample of Evony’s DNA at the same time. Looks like Lauren might be playing a longer game here.

I love “Fae of the Week” episodes! I’m probably supposed to be an intelligent critic and call them formulaic and lazy, but I don’t care. Lost Girl is one of my guilty pleasure shows, and if the episodes are a little light on the plot arc, that works just fine for me. This one was a good popcorn episode and sometimes that’s all I want out of this show.

Speaking of the plot arc, they sure do seem to be drawing this one out nice and slow. Ianka was a perfect opportunity to lay out some hardcore exposition, but all we learn is that Bo was conscious while she was missing, and that she saw a crown with her name on it. Not exactly the sweeping revelation that we could have seen from this episode. That being said, we’re only about halfway through this season, so there’s time yet. Not a ton of time, but time nonetheless.

Best Quote:

Kenzi: “After nearly four years of your nerve-shredding, fiddle-dee-pluck-me-holy-clovers, shoot-me-in-the-face music, I think I can handle it.”

Things to Ponder:

  • Who has theories on what’s up with Bo? She’s definitely getting a little Dark and scary, especially when she’s “shopping” with Dyson.
  • What’s Evony up to with Lauren? Is she up to something, or does she legitimately want a friend? (Who are we kidding? She’s totally up to something.)
  • Alkonost – according to the Great Oracle (Wikipedia), a Russian myth. Seems to be kind of a cross between a siren and a harpy. Body of a bird, head of a woman, beautiful voice that makes you forget things.