Get To Know Your ‘Burn Notice’ Prequel Cast

Thanks to the folks at TVLine, we now know someone who’ll be joining Bruce Campbell in the Burn Notice prequel telefilm. In fact, we know many someones.

Here’s who you’ll be seeing, where you’ve seen them before, and who they’ll play:

Chandra West
Where You’ve Seen Her Before:
As Devon on ABC’s The Gates, Gail McKinney on CW’s 90210, and Tina Blake on HBO’s John From Cincinnati.

Who She’ll Be Playing: Donna, a “sexy and fun” woman who’s the love interest for a then-Lt. Cmdr. Sam Axe (Campbell).

RonReaco Lee
Where You’ve Seen Him Before:
As snitch Julius Grant on Matt Nix’s other series, the recently-axed The Good Guys. Currently starring as Jamal on BET’s Let’s Stay Together.

Who He’ll Be Playing: Dr. Ben Delaney, who runs a nonprofit clinic in Colombia and ends up afoul of terrorists. I’m pretty sure he will not be asked to utilize his excellent piano-playing skills.

Kiele Sanchez
Where You’ve Seen Her Before:
As Callie, the nurse who strikes the attention of Jim Longworth on A&E’s The Glades. She also appeared as Nikki on ABC’s Lost.

Who She’ll Be Playing: An as yet unnamed humanitarian running a food relief effort with a distrust of soldiers.

John Diehl
Where You’ve Seen Him Before:
He recently appeared in the Lie To Me episode “Veronica” and on Friday Night Lights as Richard Sherman. He’s also appeared on Mental (which starred Burn Notice‘s Gilroy, Chris Vance), Cold Case, Jericho and Point Pleasant.

Who He’ll Be Playing: Real Admiral Lawrence, Sam’s “no-nonsense” Naval boss who will “stop at nothing” to figure out what’s going on in Colombia. Wonder if he’ll turn out to be a bad guy?

If you’ve missed the earlier news, the two-hour Burn Notice prequel is targeted for sometime this spring. It focuses on Sam Axe’s Navy SEAL background, and early reports say it will take place in 2005. Jeffrey Donovan is directing, and serves as an executive producer alongside Campbell and series creator Matt Nix.


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