Ask ‘Archer’ Creator Adam Reed Your Questions and Win a Poster!

We have a special opportunity for Archer fans! We’re sitting down with Archer creator/writer Adam Reed tomorrow afternoon to talk about the series, and we want to know what you want us to ask him!

We’ll be selecting 10 fan questions to ask during the interview – and 1 of those lucky 10 fans will win a Archer Season 5 poster signed by Adam himself!

So in our comment section below – ask Archer creator Adam Reed your questions! Good luck!


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  1. I LOVE this show! Any chance Woodhouse will get his own back? Even for one episode? I’d love to see him take Archer & Mallory down a peg or two (temproarily, of course).

  2. Thanks for posting Woody!

    I’m going to bring over the questions from Facebook here too:

    – Adam, although we all know Archer would just shoot it in the frickin face and it would be awesome, do you ever worry about the show ‘jumping the shark’? – Jeff

    – What inspired you to create the Archer? – Chickie

    – Upcoming conventions – Carlos

  3. Your show is so funny and I would end up always looking up the references that you use, so I end up learning new things thanks. My question is do you make up the story lines and jokes in advanced before the season starts or it just comes to you right on the spot when your writing an episode in the season? Thank You