Kickstarter Spotlight: M.A.V. is Chromehounds Reborn

If you’re a fan of the Chromehounds and were saddened when it’s severs finally went down, then you’re in luck. A new Kickstarter project dubbed Modular Assault Vehicles or M.A.V for short, aims to recreate Chromehounds on PC in all it’s glory. Taking inspiration from the From Software developed and SEGA published game, it seems to be an almost exact replica of Chromehounds.

It features the same ability to build your mech from scratch, with a variety of basic parts. The ability to design based on specific combat roles, similar to those from Chromehounds. It even includes the ongoing online war that was a major component of the original. It’s Chromehounds in all but name.

The developer has already reached their funding goal, however, they currently have seven days left to reach some stretch goals. $20 is the minimum tier to get a copy of the game and it has also been submitted to Steam’s Greenlight. The developer has not ruled out console ports, but I imagine they’d likely either be down the road or dependent on much higher stretch goals. If you’re still on the fence, check out the video below. If you think it’s worth your coin, head on over to the KickStarter page and become a backer.


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