‘Lost Girl’ 4.07 Episode Recap and Review: La Fae Epoque

As has been Lost Girl’s wont the last few episodes, we pick up right on the heels of last week’s episode, just hours after Dyson’s rather dramatic arrest. In the downtime, Bo and Kenzi have been out looking for anyone who would have info on where Dyson is now and how to get him out. They haul a reluctant monk to the police station so that Hale can help them question him. As it turns out, Dyson’s arrest has nothing to do with the fact that he’s sleeping with a Dark fae. Dyson stands accused of treason and murder, crimes he allegedly committed in France in 1899.

It’s up to Bo to figure out how to get Dyson out of this. The team comes up with the crazy plan to slip Bo into Dyson’s memories so that she can learn what really happened back in La Belle Époque. Lauren uses the Red String of Destiny to tie Bo to an Oracle, Clara, who will guide Bo into Dyson’s subconscious just as soon as they can get Dyson on the call. Bo is warned that her own mind will project familiar faces and scenes onto Dyson’s memories as their minds merge, largely so that the writers can keep all of our series regulars in play and not have to find new set pieces.

Kenzi dresses up as a monk and sneaks in to where Dyson is being held. She ties a Red String to Dyson, connecting him to Bo and Clara. Hale attempts to buy some time by arguing for Dyson as a former Ash, but the Una Mens are having none of that. Things go further south when Kenzi’s cell phone goes off and she is caught and sentenced to death along with Dyson.

Bo wakes up in Dyson’s memories having taken the place of Dyson himself. (By the way, from here on out, when I talk about Dyson in the past, just picture seeing all of this happening to Bo, who only looks like Dyson in mirrors) Evidently our resident wolf was channeling Giacomo Casanova back in the day, sleeping with lots of women, conning lots of men. One liaison goes a bit awry when he is chased out of the bed of two naked twins by a gun-wielding papa. When he gets cornered in the alley, he’s rescued by a bo staff-toting Trick in monk’s robes. In return for his aid, Trick wants Dyson to find the Helskór, a pair of incredibly powerful shoes (yes, like those, but made of burlap instead of rubies and/or red glitter). Rumor has it that the Prince has found them and is keeping them at a local bar, the Cabaret du Ciel (read: the Dál), where he likes to do business and watch a particular leshii fae sing.

Dyson/Bo heads to the Cabaret and talks to the flirtatious bartender, Angel, who bears a striking resemblance to Kenzi. Angel points out the Prince (Vex) across the room, waiting to hear Flora Blooms (Lauren) sing. Dyson slips backstage to talk to Flora. They’ve been having an affair for quite some time, it would seem. They plot to steal the shoes from the Prince, sell them for thousands, then run away back to Flora’s forest. Flora has a “date” with the Prince, as it would seem that she’s a singer in the same way that Satine from Moulin Rouge was an actress, and with the same side gig. Her attempt to get the shoes away from the Prince goes pear-shaped, causing Dyson to break in and knock the Prince out. Dyson puts the shoes on Flora’s feet so that they can get away from the Prince’s guard, Crater.

The shoes reject Flora, as they can only be worn by the True Hero. They drive her mad, and soon Dyson is following the trail of bodies that Flora is leaving in her wake. Bo (in Dyson’s body) is about to follow the sound of a woman’s scream when Clara shows up in Dyson’s memory to tell Bo that she has to get out now. If she stays longer, she’ll start to lose herself in Dyson’s mind and go mad. Bo refuses to leave and heads after Flora. Clara removes her own string and leaves Bo alone in Dyson’s memories.

When Dyson finds Flora, she tries to attack him, too. They fight a bit, and Flora has one blazing moment of lucidity that’s cut short by a bullet from Crater’s gun. Crater says that everyone is going to believe that Dyson committed all of those murders because Dyson’s been a pretty terrible person for quite some time. He tells Dyson to leave the shoes to him and run away, but Flora’s death has been a catalyst for our wolf to turn into the upstanding guy we’ve known him to be. He refuses to leave. Crater is just about to shoot Dyson when he’s taken out by Trick. Trick tells Dyson that he’s looking for a second in his journey to create a new fae colony in the New World. The quest to get the shoes was more of a test for Dyson than anything else.

Dyson meets Trick in his sanctuary the next morning, where Trick reveals that he is the Blood King and in hiding just as much as Dyson is. Dyson swears his fealty to Trick. Unfortunately, Bo’s memories are starting to merge in a bad way. Lauren, the real Lauren, jumps into the connection between Bo and Dyson in order to bring Bo out. There are just two things that Bo hasn’t figured out: where the shoes are now, and why she keeps seeing Dyson’s very out-of-period boxing coach. The coach hands Bo Dyson’s heavyweight boxing championship belt and all of the pieces fall into place. Bo takes off the string and helps Lauren back out of the dream-state, as well.

Together, they go to the Una Mens with what Bo has learned. Back in 1899, the Una Mens were the ones who ordered Crater to get the Helskór at any cost. The deaths are on their hands. In exchange for Dyson and Kenzi’s lives, Bo offers the Una Mens one of the shoes, the one that Dyson had been hiding in his framed championship belt. They agree, and our intrepid heroes all head back to the Dál for hotdogs (no, seriously, they do). Dyson tells Bo that the memories she witnessed had been blocked out ever since they happened, and that the other shoe was given to Angel for safekeeping. And they all lived happily ever after. At least until next week.

So I’m not really sure why this episode happened (see Thing to Ponder Point 1) other than as an excuse to put the whole cast in period costumes. I’m not complaining, though. I love to watch familiar actors get to stretch their legs in different roles. Granted, Dyson was still Dyson and Trick still Trick (or at least he was once Dyson gave him the nickname), but Vex, Lauren, Kenzi, and even Bo looked like they were having a ball. I’m also ridiculously jealous of some of those costume pieces.

We’re seeing more and more ties to the Wanderer. With only a handful of episodes left in this season of Lost Girl, I’m guessing the flow of information is going to start increasing rather rapidly. On a related note, does anyone else thing that Trick had something to do with Dyson’s missing memories?


Best Quote:

Kenzi: “What, you never played Capture the Monk before? Spice it up, 39th Division!”


Things to Ponder:

  • I still don’t entirely understand why the Una Mens decided to bring the whole case back up. They had to have known that they were in the wrong, and no one was clamoring for justice this many years later. Why risk it?
  • Did anyone else assume that Dyson was the “true hero,” or was that just me?
  • Wikipedia says that Helskór were shoes that were put on the dead so that they could enter Valhalla.  A leshii is a Russian forest spirit who often hid woodsmen’s axes and carried off young women (and appeared as Paris Hilton in the fifth season of Supernatural).


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