‘The Vampire Diaries’ 5.14 Episode Recap and Review: No Exit

For this episode of The Vampire Diaries, I think it’s safe to say that everyone’s emotions were a total whirlwind (And I’m not just talking about the audience!). Katherine (Nina Dobrev) is still occupying Elena’s body, and to be honest, I’m not exactly sure how I feel about it. Sure, I love Katherine, but it’s starting to get a little out of hand. Between a rescue mission turned ploy to get Damon (Ian Somerhalder) killed, to steamy make out sessions in hotel rooms… It’s obvious that Katherine is testing her limits. Based off of the ending for ‘No Exit’ the saying, WWED (What Would Elena Do) won’t matter soon enough.

Ripper Damon:

Damon is infected with the virus that forces him to feed uncontrollably on vampires. Although Enzo (Michael Malarkey) and Damon are a duo from hell (but are also a thrill to watch onscreen), it’s only a matter of time before Damon breaks and tries to feed on his pal.  After shacking up with a poor, unsuspecting man who they inevitably turn into a vampire so that Enzo stays off the menu for Damon, Wes (Rick Cosnett) arrives with a team of travelers at his beck and call. Wes and the travelers use some witchy juju to lock down the house forcing Enzo to be locked up with Damon. They have roughly eight hours until Damon has the desire to feed again, making Enzo go against Damon’s wishes in hopes of getting rescued. He calls Stefan’s phone, only to get Elena/Katherine, and explains their situation. Luckily for Enzo, Wes is in need of more experiments and frees Enzo from the house. Now, Damon is still stuck inside, and now he has to wait for the help, or lack thereof, from Elena/Katherine and Stefan. Let me just make clear that I adore Enzo. He was one of the best decisions this season (although the whole Augustine plot line could have gone).

Roadtrip And Rendezvous:

Damon’s a ripper who feeds on vampires now? What a great excuse for a road trip to capture lost love! Stefan decides to go out searching for Damon after hearing about deadly incidents involving individuals with desiccated skin. Katherine immediately jumps onboard, much to the disapproval of Caroline (Candice Accola), and begins plotting on ways to win Stefan’s affection. Although this entire sequence was wrong on so many levels, I would advise everyone to take notes, because let’s face it– Katherine is brilliant and all of these tricks did end up working. The first rest-stop on said road trip ends with Katherine taking apart bits of the car in order to rent out a motel room. In the motel room, Katherine precedes to shower and ‘coincidentally’ leaves her clothes on the bed, forcing her to creak open the door to retrieve them and leaving that creak open juuuuust enough for Stefan to get his own personal peepshow. Brilliant. I have to say I still thought that was a tad bit cliche, I mean, how many times has that been done? Anyway, Katherine ends up winning all the awards by having an intense make out session with Stefan, even if it was short-lived. By the end of that whole mess, Katherine and Stefan are finally back on their way to find Damon, but not before Katherine gets a terrible idea. Once they arrive, much to Damon’s dismay, they both step inside. Katherine, being very convincing as Elena, explains that Damon’s love for her (Elena) is stronger than any craving. Well, she would be wrong. Damon ends up feeding and almost killing Katherine before Stefan decided to divert his attention and knock him out. Oh, but not before Katherine “subtly” kicks a stake in his direction. I literally face palmed at this part. Now, Damon is locked up and thinking that Elena has completely given up on him, seeing as he noticed the kick of the stake as well. Sad!

Compulsion And Werewolf Bites :

Meanwhile, Caroline and Tyler (Michael Trevino) share an awkward-not-silence after Matt (Zach Roerig) goes missing for a few days. Little did they know, Matt was just chilling (and trying not to die) with Nadia (Olga Fonda). The whole Matt/Nadia aspect is refreshing to see. Yes, the relationship is completely unhealthy, but you can’t help but kind of have a soft spot for the duo! Plus, The Vampire Diaries kind of has a thing for unchaining pairings. Once Matt finally came back with Nadia in tow, he set the record straight on his safety. Once that was all settled, Matt and Nadia had a bit of a heart to heart before having a steamy make out session that ended with Matt sending Caroline a text that read “Help. K”. Nadia compelled him just in time for Caroline and Tyler to make a grand entrance that resulted in Tyler biting Nadia! If that wasn’t bad enough, Caroline and Stefan ending up decoding Matt’s cryptic message, blowing Katherine’s cover.

Katherine’s actions during this episode made it unbearable for me.  I adore Katherine, I really do, but the whole scenario seemed… Desperate? At the end of season one and during season two, Katherine was unstoppable. She was always two steps ahead of everyone. She was conniving, smart, and fierce. She still maintains that persona, but it didn’t mesh well with me during this episode. It all seemed a bit forced, in my opinion. I understand she wants Stefan and she’ll do anything to have him, but kicking a stake towards him in hopes he might kill his brother? It’s stupid and foolish, and totally out of character for Katherine. I like Katherine more than I like Elena, but I’m happy that they figured her out, because this was dragged out too long.



How did you like this episode of The Vampire Diaries? Are you happy that Katherine’s cover is blown? 


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