Project Spark Beta Now Open To Xbox One Users

If you’re one of the many people awaiting the Spark Beta who doesn’t have a PC capable of running it, you’re in luck! Microsoft and the Dakota team have finally announced the release of the Project Spark Beta for Xbox One. For those of you unaware of Spark, it is a game that lets you create your own games using a visual programming language. Think of it as Minecraft meets Little Big Planet, on steroids.

The beta has been available to Windows 8.1 users for a few months, and plenty of content has already been created by the community, which includes a recreation of Fable and MineCraft. The Xbox One Beta will add the ability to use Kinect to add motion capture capabilities in order to create unique character animations. It also saves to the cloud, allowing you to edit and share your creations across platforms. Spark will eventually make it’s way to Xbox 360 as well, though no announcements have been made in regards to a Beta.

So far hundreds of thousand of people have signed up for the Beta. If you want in, head on over to Any Beta key you receive will work on both Xbox One and Windows 8.1. Or if you’re still on the fence, check out the latest trailer highlighting some of the more interesting creations below.


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