News on Titanfall DLC and Xbox 360 Version

Gamespot has some interesting info from a recent interview with Titanfall creator Vince Zampella. There is big and somewhat disappointing news for those of you waiting for the game on Xbox One. The 360 version seems like it’s going be somewhat delayed. Zampella mentioned that they had to work in a day one patch for the Xbox One version that will add a lot that they hadn’t managed to get done on time. Given the last minute addition, Blue Point  games(the developer of the 360 version) now has to play catch-up before their release. In addition to this, he says he believes both games will be equally supported, but was unsure and mentioned he’d have to check with EA. Not exactly the most encouraging statement.

On the other hand, mentioned they have plans for DLC already and a season pass as well. He mentioned that they’ve chosen to eschew the micro-transaction model and even offer some free DLC. They intend to offer a discount with the season pass, like most other developers do, to incentivize early purchases. Titanfall is multiplayer only, so DLC will be a key to it’s longevity. In the interview, Zampella reiterated why they focus on multiplayer, stating that they wanted to focus where people spent the most time.

Titanfall is set to release in the US on March 11th on Xbox One and PC and 25th on Xbox 360. It will be available in the UK on the 14 and 28th respectively. While you wait, be sure to check out our compilation of essential Titanfall Videos. We’ve added another fun one below.



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