New Watch Dogs Story Trailer Piques Intrigue

Earlier this week, Ubisoft has revealed that all versions of Watch Dogs, except for Wii U, will be released on May 27th. Now they’ve released a new story trailer and it certainly does a good job of building anticipation for the title. The basics revolve around a hacker whose gotten in over his head and is using advanced technology to help him get revenge and stay alive. However, the trailer itself does a MUCH better job of explaining it. Keep in mind, there will be minor spoilers,

Announced at the E3 2012 press conference, Watch Dogs generated lots of attention for it’s impressive visuals and new type of gameplay. Touted as being heavily dependent hacking and using the environment and technology of the world to assist you, the team actually consulted with real life security experts. It features an open world and uses a brand new engine known as Disrupt. Originally intended as a launch title for the next gen systems, the game was delayed until this year.


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