‘Being Human’ 4.08 Episode Recap and Review: Rewind, Rewind

It’s official, Sally’s tether to 2014 has snapped. Now she’s trapped back in the past, just moments before Danny kills her. The story ends a little differently this time. Sally possesses herself, gives Danny what for, and leaves him. When he grabs her, just as he did before throwing her down the stairs originally, she knees him in his Special Place, then pops him another one right in the nose and storms out of the house. Bridget (remember her?) takes her to the ER to get her wrist looked at, first by Nora, then by Aidan.

Six months later (yeah, this episode’s pretty jumpy), Sally’s bought Danny out of the house and is waiting for the boys to start apartment-hunting when Bridget drops the bomb that she and Danny are dating. Sally tries to warn her away, but Bridget believes that Danny is different with her and tells Sally to back off. Sally’s also been keeping an eye on her boys. She notices Aidan showing an interest in Rebecca (the redhead he killed in the first season), and so makes a point to show up in the middle of their date and break it up. She tells Aidan everything. Ghosts, witchcraft, time travel, him ending up back in Bishop’s pocket, the whole lot. He believes her and brings Josh around to check out the house.

Sometime later, the boys are moved in, Sally’s taught Josh all about the “change bag,” and life is trucking along almost right back on track. Aidan comes home to see Sally being confronted by a couple of officers. Bridget is dead, Sally believes that Danny did it and called 911 to report him. The police don’t believe her without any supporting evidence. Aidan goes to comfort Sally, which turns into more than just comforting. The two of them start a relationship together. It’s frankly pretty adorable.

Sally invites Nora over for dinner so that she and Josh can fall in love and get married. They do start dating and go out pretty happily for about month, but then it’s time for Josh’s change. Things proceed pretty much as they did originally (planning to change in the hospital, Nora and Josh’s talk, crazy sex in a hospital room), until Sally accidentally interrupts while Josh and Nora are having their “together” time. Thanks to Sally’s interference, she’s the one who gets scratched, not Nora.

Three months later, Sally’s a werewolf and Nora’s pretty much out of the picture entirely. Josh and Aidan are getting into more and more arguments, especially about Sally. Josh bails on their plans to change together in the woods and winds up bringing Ray home instead. There’s a massive blowup in which Josh decides to move out, saying that there’s nothing left for him in the house “except a failed experiment.” This leads Sally to believe that she and Aidan aren’t meant to be, so she ends their relationship, as well.

One month after that, everything has gone to hell. Josh is hanging out with Ray, while Aidan is back on human blood and cavorting with Bishop and Marcus.  Ray takes Josh to the blood bar on one of their strong nights so that they can beat up on a few leeches. Sally’s there, too, having followed Aidan. It all builds to a massive fight in the alley: Aidan against Ray and Josh against Marcus with Sally in the middle, trying to defuse everything. Ray strikes her hard on the head with a pipe, then runs off with Josh. Sally dies in Aidan’s arms and the credits roll.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t greet this episode’s end credits with a “What??” So what exactly just happened in this episode? Did Sally actually just change everything that happened in the last 3 and a half seasons, or was this an alternate timeline? What happens now that the body she possessed is dead? Will she be a ghost in a ghost, like some kind of macabre matryoshka doll? If you die in the Matrix, do you die out here, too?

WTF? ending aside, I really loved this episode of Being Human. Not only was it enjoyable to watch Sally try (and sometimes succeed) to prevent the problems we’ve watched Josh and Aidan go through in the last three and a half years, but watching her struggle with what she can’t change was pretty fantastic, as well. I’m glad they let us see how fragile that initial bond amongst the three of them really was. Without all three (four, including Nora) of them going through the trials that they did, the family dynamic that they’ve been talking about so much over the last few episodes may never have happened.

Best Quotes:

Aidan: “She saved Rebecca’s life, too. I almost ate her.”
Josh: “I meant to ask how that date went.”
Aidan: “It was okay.”

Things to Ponder:

  • Oh, so many wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey things. Let’s sum it all up and just ask what the world is going to look like next episode.
  • I know the writers have said a hundred times that they haven’t seen past the first season of Being Human UK, but do you think that the Sally/Aidan relationship will go down the same path as Annie/Mitchell, or was this a one-off for this timeline?


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  1. this was by far my favorite episode. loved seeing sally relive the first episode, and more importantly seeing her and aiden together (and in love). just wish it could have ended better

  2. This episode is one of Being Human’s finest and one of my favorite. Sally tries so hard to fix things but ultimately fails. It was interesting to see the different timelines but with few episodes left in the series, I’m eager to see how the writers tie this all up.