New Dark Souls II Trailer Sheds Light on Protagonist

The developers at Namco Bandai, the studio that brought us 2012’s creepy, emotional and certainly challenging RPG game Dark Souls, has just released a new trailer for the sequel, Dark Souls II, that helps shed some light on the new main character and his motivations.

While Hidetaka Miyazaki, the director of Dark Souls, has stated that there is no direct story connection between the two games, they do take place in the same universe. If we remember anything from the last game, this universe isn’t exactly inviting.

Judging by the latest trailers, the Dark Souls landscape and the new location of Dranglaec will be filled with grotesque undead horrors for gamers to encounter. The monsters are so inventive I can’t even think of names for them, but one thing for sure is that they are downright horrendous. See for yourself.

The newest trailer (embedded below) entitled “Prologue Part 1” is voiced by an old hag woman with a face much creepier then her voice. She prophesies that “you will lose everything” and will be branded with the “symbol of the curse” and an “augur of darkness.” Whatever this means it doesn’t sound good because the woman then explains that you will become something not quite human, and you’ll have to devour souls. Put simply, the main character is cursed, but the exact nature of the threat is still unknown. A city is then revealed which, according to the hag we’ll end up visiting, shows a sprawling castle like city where dragons seem to be as common as pigeons.

The game features many upgrades since its 2012 predecessor. Built within an engine that was supposedly “made for next-gen,” the graphics are seeing a major upgrade. While featuring a similar sized world to the first game, Dark Souls II will have much more to do within it because the developers have worked to make the content density rich. This will allow for much more freedom for the gamer in terms of how they choose to approach a certain situation. An advanced AI system is also present in Dark Souls II, which means those undead skeletons are smarter now. Great…

If you’re into emotional storytelling, challenging gameplay, and disgusting bosses then Dark Souls II will be a terrifying yet enjoyable experience for you.


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