Big Bang Theory’s Motherly Voice Speaks Out

Always intrigued by the unknown, that motherly voice of Big Bang Theory‘s resident womanizer Howard is speaking up on a couple questions we fans have all been wondering…

Carol Ann Susi is the actress behind the voice of Wolowitz’s overbearing mother, and I think it’s safe to say that she is quickly establishing herself as one of television’s great unseen characters! Susi, whose on-camera credits include Seinfeld’s famous episode with Keith Hernandez, “The Boyfriend”, admits that yes, she’s “really that loud in real life”!

Fans are all wondering if we will ever see the face behind the voice appear on the show, but even for Susi…it’s a mystery. “I’m told never. In the second season, [creator] Chuck Lorre came up to me and said, “Do you mind if we never see you for the next 10 years? Because that voice is the voice of Carlton the Doorman.” But I’ve always been an on-camera actress, so to suddenly be doing voice-over stuff is fabulous.”

Fabulous yes, and perhaps the mystery is what keeps us all loving those “screams of death” in Howard’s eyes. Fans wonder though, does it ever affect her voice once the audio stops rolling? “Yes! [I drink] a lot of water. I’ve now taken to singing every morning. It warms up the voice.”

And does she ever get recognized in public solely due to her voice alone? “Sometimes, yes. I once got outed by a waitress while having dinner. She started screaming, “Oh, my God! How-ard!” And I’ve even been outed by a bus driver. I don’t drive. I live in L.A., but I take the bus. I know, I’m weird!”

So there you have it Big Bang fans: water and singing lessons are the key to a beloved [and hated I must say for Howard’s defense], voice like that. But sadly, the world is still at mystery on whether we’ll ever see a frightened Howard staring back at the face of that “loving” woman he calls mother!


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