‘Lost Girl’ 4.08 Episode Recap and Review: Groundhog Fae

It’s Christmastime! And by “Christmastime” I mean “Yule.” The first indication we really have of the season is a festive bowl of delicious and utterly harmless-looking gumdrops at the gas station where Bo, Dyson, Lauren, and Hale have stopped. Of course, this is Lost Girl. When is a gumdrop ever just a gumdrop?

When the gang arrives back at the Clubhouse, Kenzi and Trick are getting ready for the rager of a Yule party that they’re planning on throwing that evening. It takes a second to notice that Bo is the only one not present for the party prep. Wonder what that’s all about?

As it turns out, Bo is still asleep in the car. She wakes up after the party is already in full swing, and she’s understandably a bit miffed that no one thought to bring her in out of the car. The party’s going well, but none of our major players seem to be in evidence (more on that later). Bo wanders a bit meeting her fellow party-goers until suddenly Tam shows back up. The Valkyrie apologizes cryptically, kisses Bo, then tells her that she won’t remember any of this in two seconds.

The lights flicker and then Bo finds herself waking up in the car again. She relives most of the conversations she just had, then finds Tam again, who is shocked and relieved to find that Bo remembers what just happened. TamTam is able to explain a bit before everything goes wacky again. Evidently she and Bo are stuck in a time loop, reliving the same 15 or so minutes over and over again. The light flicker and Bo is back in the car.

This time, something’s different. Bruce isn’t there to greet Bo at the door. Rather than investigate that odd change, Bo and Tam decide to make out and just party for a few revolutions. Finally, Bo notices that the party seems to be getting more and more sparse. She sees an invisible man grab one of the random hotties and completely disappear, signaling that it’s time to get back down to business. On the next revolution, Bo runs upstairs to Kenzi’s room, where Kenz and Hale have been attempting to get it on for the last several turns. Hale seems to be aware of what’s been happening, but Kenzi isn’t. Hale’s been using the turns to perfect his “smooth moves” with Kenzi.

Hale explains that Krampus is responsible for the Groundhog Day treatment. The fae chooses someone to prank every season, and this year it’s Hale, Tam, and Bo. The cycle is broken when the three confront the party-stealing invisi-fae. He’s angry that no one respects Krampus anymore. He steals Tam, kicking Bo and Hale back into real time. They figure out that the one thing all three of them had in common was a stop at that particular gas station, so Bo heads out that direction in order to save Tam.

Beneath the gas station is a massive gumdrop factory that’s been turning the negative emotions (and the people they’re attached to) into candy. In case you were concerned, Bruce is too big for the machine. Tam is next on the conveyor belt, though. Bo manages to rescue her, but in her somewhat drugged-out state, Tam is forced to admit that she was hired by the Wanderer to find Bo.

The two confront invisi-fae. As Yule would have it, he isn’t Krampus. He’s but the son of Krampus, who is a somewhat creepy-looking, but generally genial old man. Krampus sends Bruce and Tam home, but can’t let Bo go until she admits to her own negative emotions. Bo finally admits that she’s terrified of her power and what she’ll become. He lets her go and she and Tam return to the Clubhouse. Well, kind of. Neither of them can go in because Dark fae cannot enter a house where Light fae are celebrating Yule after midnight. Tam hits the bricks, but Kenzi comes out to hang with her bestie.

Kenz brings out a box that Dyson and Lauren have been drunkenly arguing over all episode over in the B-plot. While she was gone, Bo sent a mysterious box to herself, care of the Dark Archives. Lauren has found it and brought it over, but she and Dyson can’t decide whether it’s a good idea to give it to Bo or not. Kenz accidentally takes the decision out of their hands when she finds it and hands the box over. Inside is a glass jar full of Wanderer smoke. The plot, how she doth thicken.

Oh, Syfy. Your programming schedule is so crazy. This episode originally aired around the end of December in Canada. The theming makes a little more sense now, doesn’t it?

Was anyone else expecting Hale to be behind the whole Krampus-summoning thing? They were headed for a very Buffy moment for a while there, with Hale(Xander) going in with a seemingly harmless fae(demon) to ensure that everything was going to turn out okay. At least this episode wasn’t a musical. (Yeah, I know. I’ve jinxed it now. Does anyone know if Anna Silk can sing?)

Anyhoo, there are only five episodes left in season 4. It’s only a matter of time until we find out for sure who the Wanderer is and why Bo decided to go Dark.


Best Quote:

Bo: “B*tch, I am the naughty list!”


Things to Ponder:

  • Well, color me incredibly creeped out by the turn the Wanderer story just took.
  • Lesson learned: There is such a thing as too many “box” jokes.


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