‘Once Upon A Time’ 3×13 Episode Promo: Witch Hunt

Once Upon A Time is all new this Sunday and a promo video for the episode, ‘Witch Hunt’, has been released. Something wicked has come to Storybrooke. The Wicked Witch is taking the town by storm!

A new curse surrounds Storybrooke but this time is different: Regina is not the evil one and everybody remembers who are they, excluding the last year of their lifes. We saw in the last episode that there’s a new villain in town, the Wicked Witch is against our friends!

Which is her purpose and who really is? The Evil Queen is decided to bring back their palace and have a new beginning all together but it won’t be easy with the Wicked Witch playing with them. Check the video below!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Iudn9-hGQU])


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