‘Veronica Mars’ New York Premiere: One Fan’s Perspective

Veronica Mars and I go way back – and I mean way back. I started watching the series in 2004 and quickly found myself totally in love with Rob Thomas’ creation. Perplexed though I was that the series was on UPN and not in the company of its seemingly perfect siblings on WB, it didn’t deter me from tuning in every week. So rarely does a TV series aimed at a younger audience possess such wit and have such high intellectual expectations of its viewers. Which in 2007 actually seemed to cause the cancellation of the series once it moved to the CW. Network execs basically said – dumb it down – stop with these series long arches that require die-hard fans to watch every episode. Which was exactly why we all loved the series so. Even though the third and final season was a shorter one that was easier for the casual viewer to tune into, it was still just as solid as the first two seasons. When CW pulled the plug – I seriously considered giving up on the network… but they still had Supernatural, so I didn’t make it too far on my CW strike.

Enough with my rant though, to sum it up – I’m a die-hard Veronica Mars fan, so I spent $1,000 on the record-setting Kickstarter campaign. This meant that I could attend the New York City premiere with a group of fans just as excited and dedicated as myself – including one of my good friends Nathan (who I actually ran an adorably titled “Bars for Mars” campaign to save the series back in 2007 (Fans were asked to send in Mars Bars to CW)).

Myself and Nathan at the Veronica Mars NYC After Party
Myself and Nathan at the Veronica Mars NYC After Party

Seeing the film surrounded by fans was an unforgettable experience. There were lots of little Easter eggs throughout the film. They may seem like nothing special to someone seeing the characters for the first time, but to us real fans – we couldn’t help but laugh and feel a beautiful sense of comradery as we watched the movie together. So many familiar faces, witty one liners and the ultimate epic love story that is Veronica and Logan… It had everything – even James Franco.

As soon as the premiere finished, Nathan and I were out the door and in cab on our way to the after party, which was at the Stone Rose Lounge in Columbus Circle. As soon as we approached the elevator, we realized we had just missed it – or so we thought. Jason Dohring (who plays Logan), opened the doors back up for us. As we rode up to the venue, we told him how much we liked the film – and he shyly thanked us. Never did I expect for Jason to be so shy, but it made us adore him even more…. Not that we haven’t always been Team Logan… because we have.

We walked into the lounge behind Jason and his assistant, and there were waitresses on both sides of us with rum and cokes, wine, beer, snacks… it was an open bar and no one was there yet except for Nathan and I – and the cast. We chatted a bit with everyone – praising their work in the film and their passion for the series. As someone who has interviewed a number of TV and movie stars over the years, I’ve rarely met a cast that is so devoted to a project and to their fanbase. Its a beautiful breath of fresh air with Veronica Mars.

Fans with Ryan Hansen on the Veronica Mars Red Carpet
Fans with Ryan Hansen on the Veronica Mars Red Carpet

As the night continued, we chatted with Rob Thomas (series creator), Kristen Bell (Veronica), her amazing husband (Dax Shepard), Chris Lowell (Piz), Ryan Hansen (Dick), Francis Capra (Weevil), and Enrico Colantoni (Keith Mars). Everyone as equally as kind as the last. I even got my dance on with Ryan Hansen – and then later with Chris Lowell, who even dipped me at one point. Boy can dance.

Towards the end of the night, the cast was taking photos with fans in front of a large white backdrop. Nathan and I stood off to the side talking with Enrico’s wife, and that’s when my favorite moment of the party happened. Dax was standing next to us watching Kristen pose for photos, and in the next moment she ran over to him, jumped on him, wrapped her legs around his waist, and just kissed him. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a celebrity couple more in love. It warmed my heart.

As the night died down, the last ones there – Chris Lowell, Francis Capra, Ryan Hansen, and Enrico Colantoni all danced the night away with fans. They made sure everyone had a memorable night and felt appreciated.

I’ve constantly made the joke that the Veronica Mars resurgence being successful and attracting the attention of CW again (and CW pursuing a web series spin-off with the show) is essentially like a guy realizing he made a terrible mistake when he broke up with his girlfriend – then years later wants her back. Good for you Rob Thomas. Your fans always got it – and it seems like CW finally gets it now too. I only wish they could have gotten it years ago, and the series could have continued. You’ve created something incredible, smart and unforgettable. Your fans love you, and we thank you for this amazing experience and for the story of Veronica Mars.

‘Veronica Mars’ New York Premiere – A Fan’s Instagram Feed


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