‘Once Upon A Time’ 3.13 Episode Recap and Review: Witch Hunt

The Wicked Witch‘s true identity was finally revealed in the last episode of Once Upon a Time. Regina and The Wicked Witch are sisters!

It was not a big surprise that the Wicked Witch has a personal revenge with Regina and after the Evil Queen repeated many times that it’s impossible to break her blood magic, it started to be obvious which was the origin of The Wicked Witch.

Back in Storybrooke, Emma is decided to find the person who has used the new curse and made that all our friends have forgotten the last year of their lifes. Meanwhile, she deals with the fact that Henry doesn’t remember any of them, introducing Snow and Charming as “old friends”, more exactly, Snow and Emma were celd mates. Was nice seeing Snow and Emma having a moment of fraternity, they understood each other without no words needed.

Everyone in the town is convinced that Regina is evil again and she did the new curse, but Emma believes that she’s innocent. They both start working together between the shadows. No one knows they are in the same side, trying to discover who really made the curse. Regina tries to make the same potion to bring back their memories, but it doesn’t work. Emma has the idea that this fail can help them more by spreading the rumor that Regina is almost getting the potion. It works! Regina and Emma spend the night in the car, having a very nice talk about Henry. We could see a new Regina in this episode, she really cares for others and is ready to help them. Obviously, she wants Henry back but… Step by step.

The Wicked Witch makes her appereance and when Emma and Regina almost caught her in the room sealed by blood magic, “impossible to break”, she disappears. It was enough to give them the big clue to start completing the puzzle.

Another thing that make them know who they are dealing with it’s the fact that some people is disappearing, and when they finally find John, Robin’s friend, he’s almost dead. They try to help him in the hospital but they had no time to save him from… Becoming a flying monkey!

All this together was enough to realize that is The Wicked Witch the one who made the curse. But, why?

Back in the past, in the Enchanted Forest, Regina is the only one who can break the protection spell which surrounds the castle. After being attacked by a flying monkey, attack in which she saves the life of Robin’s son (love is in the air!). Snow wants to go with her, but Regina convinces everyone to stay there and wait till the protection spell is broken.

But Robin Hood follows her, she saved the life of his son and he’s going to help her. Despite Regina doesn’t like the idea, accept his company. Already in the castle, Regina is shocked because the blood magic has been broken. They keep going and The Evil Queen seems to be back when she starts playing with some kind of potion. She admits that is a sleeping course, she can’t deal with Henry’s lost and she prefers to sleep forever instead of living the rest of her life without him.

She breaks the protection spell and one second before she use the sleeping course, The Wicked Witch appears in a very ironical way and starts telling to Regina the information we wanted to know from the start!

Cora is her mother, so Regina and Zelena (her real name) are sisters. Surprised? That’s not all! Zelena wants revenge, wants all what Regina once had. We learn that Rumple also taught her, reason why it’s not a big surprise when in the end of the episode we see Zelena giving water and food to… A very mad Rumplestiltskin! She brought him back, but he seems to don’t remember anything either. Will he be her father?

What will happen in next week’s Once Upon A Time episode? Will be Regina able to make them all remember what happened in the last year? How many time will they need to figure out the real identity of The Wicked Witch in Storybrooke? Lot of new questions that we may answer on new episode on Sunday!

Best Quotes:

  • Emma: Well, he won’t be the first flying monkey I’ve dated (Snow’s face was priceless!)
  • Charming: “What the hell was that thing?” Dr. Whale: “Don’t look at me, I’m a doctor not a vet.”
  • Snow: “She has flying monkeys, who knows what else?” Regina: “I don’t care if the lollipop guild is protecting her.”

Things To Ponder:

  • Red/Ruby is back! I’m wondering how they got Meghan Ory back after she decided to leave the show…
  • Madness Rumple. No more to say. He was just… Wow. Robert Carlyle is brilliant!
  • When Regina turned the flying monkey into a plushy toy, I didn’t expect that!
  • Hook being like the sheriff of town, being in every meeting and controlling everything.


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