‘Lost’ Cast Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary at PaleyFest

Cast members of Lost reunited Sunday night at Dolby Theatre as part of the PaleyFest. The cast members were in attendance to celebrate the 10 year mark since the series’ 2004 debut.

Attendees included Josh Holloway, Maggie Grace, Ian Somerhalder, Yunjin Kim, Henry Ian Cusick, Malcolm David Kelley, and Jorge Garcia.

They were joined at the panel session by creator Damon Lindelof and comedian Paul Scheer, who urged the audience not to ask any questions about the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

Scheer told the audience, “Recent events make it interesting that we’re talking about a mysterious plane disappearance… Let’s not have ask questions about that because they won’t be in good taste.”


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