‘Once Upon A Time’ 3.14 Episode Promo: The Tower

Once Upon A Time is all new this Sunday and the promo video of the episode 3.14 ‘The Tower’ has been released! Rumplestiltskin returns and a new character, Rapunzelle, will appear!

In the last episode we learn who really is the Wicked Witch and which are her reasons to fight against Regina, and one of her weapons to defeat our friends is Rumplestiltskin… Does Rumple doesn’t remember the last years, that he become a hero?

The character of Rapunzelle, played by Alexandra Metz, is introduced in this new episode and we can see her in the tower when Charming rescues her. Check out the video below to know more!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyKLAenV9po]