‘The Originals’ 1.17 Episode Sneak Peek: Moon Over Bourbon Street

The Originals is all new tomorrow night and a new sneak peek of the episode has been released! The problems in New Orleans will never end!

Rebekah left the town in the last episode after Klaus has practically forgiven her. Now,  Klaus and Elijah are alone and Marcel has been exiled. Hayley has been decided to break the curse of their family and it seems to work very fine but, are things going to be perfect with the werewolves being humans?

In the next video we can see how Hayley’s family is having some fun by fighting between each other… Is Hayley’s friendship with Jackson making Oliver jealous? Check the video below to know more!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wvhv1HldwA]