‘The Vampire Diaries’ Episode 5.15 Recap and Review: Gone Girl


Katherine’s (Nina Dobrev) cover is blown, and the gang is trying desperately to get Elena back during this episode of The Vampire Diaries. Nadia (Olga Fonda) continues to rot away thanks to Tyler’s (Michael Trevino) nasty wolf-bite, and Katherine struggles to find a cure for her daughter without inconveniencing herself. Goodbyes were a massive theme during this episode, but one thing was made certain: Katherine never leaves without a bang.

Where’s Katherine?

It’s safe to say that everyone was pretty upset that Katherine could trick them into thinking that she was Elena for weeks. And honestly? It is pretty sad. The past is in the past, and Bonnie (Kat Graham), Stefan (Paul Wesley), Caroline (Candice Accola) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) all try to figure out a way to trap Katherine so that they can kill her with the traveler knife and bring Elena back. Sounds like a good plan, except that Katherine is too preoccupied to oblige. Thanks to Tyler, Katherine has to find a cure for a werewolf bite and fast. She is not willing to go to New Orleans to plead with Klaus, but she is willing to seek help from the current baddie on TVD, Wes (Rick Cosnett). Wes claims that he will be able to find a cure using Nadia’s blood and he goes off to work. Katherine stays by Nadia’s side but soon realizes, after getting various phone calls and tricking Damon, that everyone is on to her and that they are coming after her. She now needs the cure more that ever so that she can take Nadia and escape before they can catch her. She hides in a church, which is incredibly ironic, but she forgot that Bonnie has a new witch friend. Liv (Penelope Mitchell) uses a tracking spell to locate Katherine, and unfortunately we had to sit through her awkward flirting with Jeremy the entire time… While Bonnie was in the room. I have a feeling that this entire exchange was supposed to make us like Liv, because she’s carefree and funny, but it made me hate her character. Regardless, Little Witch figured out where Katherine was, but what actually ends up trapping her shocked everyone.

Revenge and Deceit:

After a pissing match between Tyler and Damon, Damon manages to escape his chamber with a little hybrid blood in his system. He sets off to find Wes who has been cooped up in his lab studying Nadia’s blood. Unfortunately, he wasn’t trying to find a cure for Nadia, but a way to wipe out vampires. In the midst of all of that, Damon manages to find Wes and after injecting him with a few needles, Damon kills him brutally. It kind of sucks, because Wes was technically one of the big bad guys this season, but so easy to kill. Compared to TVD’s other big baddies, Klaus, Silas, Katherine, Mikael… The fact that he was so easily disposable was unfortunate. I guess the travelers couldn’t protect him forever, though. Katherine ends up visiting Wes’ lab, leaving Nadia exposed. After finding Wes dead, Katherine receives a call from the gang stating that they have Nadia and if she wants to say goodbye to her, she would have to come to the Salvatore house. Katherine has a choice now, be captured and inevitably killed or leave her daughter alone to die.

Au Revoir, Petrova:

After pondering a tough situation, Katherine does something selflessly for the first time in her existence. She decides to come to the Salvatore house to say goodbye to her daughter, leading Kat to her doom. She sits by Nadia’s side, even enduring her sick-fueled truthful outbursts about Katherine never being there for her. She eventually passes on, and it was actually pretty heartbreaking! I liked Nadia. She was one of the better new character additions this season, and I hate the fact that she died this way. It reminded me so much of Rose’s death. I wish that Nadia could have stayed on the show, possibly as Matt’s endgame? I suppose her only purpose on the show was to be with Katherine, and seeing as the writer’s dragged out her storyline this season made it an obvious cue to go. After Nadia died, it was like Katherine flipped a switch. This season she was so whiny and nothing like the Katherine from season two… But her last moments brought her back to that snarky badass fierceness that I love. She went around to everyone, every single person, and voiced her opinion on them. It was a perfectly executed scene. And the person to take the plunge and rid the world of  Katherine Pierce forever? None other than her true love, Stefan. Quite poetic, and pretty tragic. Katherine didn’t seem to bothered by it, though. Once she made her way to Bonnie in order to cross over, she revealed that she stuck Elena with the injection turning her into a vampire blood drinking ripper. Once she announced this Katherine tried to cross over. Key word: Tried. In a horrifying turn of events, Katherine was dragged off to somewhere (I’m guessing hell?) and that is the end of her reign as HBIC. Au Revoir to one of our favorite villains.

One of the better episodes this season, that’s for sure! The only thing I questioned during this episode was the fact that Katherine didn’t get to cross to the other side, but people like Kol can?! Kind of messed up if you ask me. Regardless, Katherine’s goodbye to Nadia was heartbreaking and her goodbye to the gang she’s spent seasons terrorizing was just as epic as the season two Katherine that I remember. I’m going to miss Ms. Petrova, she was such an amazing villain (even if she started becoming a bit lack-luster during this season).



Are you happy that Katherine is gone? How do you think Elena will react once she finds out about everything that happened while she wasn’t in control of her body?

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