New Assassin’s Creed Screenshots Leaked

According to an anonymous source who leaked images to the gaming blog Kotaku, the next Assassins Creed game is set in 18th century Paris.

Called or code-named Assassins Creed Unity, the game is one of two big Assassin’s Creed releases set for the fall of this year. According to Kotaku, Unity will be for the Xbox One and the PS4, while a second game that sources call Comet will be released for Xbox 360 and PS3.

These early leaked images seem to be the most convincing pieces of evidence for French Revolution setting in Assassins Creed 5 yet. However it should be stated that these are early images and were not intended to be released by Ubisoft, so elements like textures and crowd density should not be considered the final product. The title Unity fits perfectly here as well, as this was a time of major turmoil and unrest.

The screenshots feature a hooded figure named Arno that appears to be male judging by his musculature and stature. The familiar HUD is back with a health bar, mini map, weapons and controller layout, but there’s something different this time. The controller layout in the top left features two new buttons called “parkour up” and “parkour down.” There is much speculation on the internet as to what these two buttons do and there’s a myriad of possibilities. Some say that it may be a dedicated stealth button, while it also could just be a more effective way of climbing down. No matter what the buttons do, the fact they are dedicated to parkour point to Arno potentially being our most fluid assassin yet.

Credit: Kotaku
Credit: Kotaku

The screenshots clearly point to Paris because the architecture is very recognizable and will hopefully be reminiscent of the beautiful recreation of Italian cities in Assassins Creed II and Brotherhood. One screenshot clearly shows the Notre Dame Cathedral in the background. According to Kotaku Assassins Creed Unity is set in the 18th century and the pistol in the assassin’s holster helps reinforce that as well as the Victorian like overcoat the assassin wears.

With the internet crying out for a French Revolution game since the ending of Assassin’s Creed II, it seems like many hardcore fans are getting their wish. And after months of anticipation, and some surprisingly accurate speculations, we can only anticipate more as we wait for an official release and trailer. Will Connor make a cameo appearance? What has the ship sailing mechanic evolved into? Will this sleeker more slender assassin have some new stealth moves?

For now we wait and excite ourselves at the prospect of a French assassin, who might even rival the all time favorite Ezio in terms of charisma, womanizing, and general badassery.


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