A Family Friendly Version of ‘The Walking Dead’?

Yep, you read that right. All of your friends that complain about how violent The Walking Dead is won’t be able to do so much longer. A family friendly version of The Walking Dead will be coming to broadcast television this fall.

MyNetworkTV has picked up exclusive rights to past seasons of The Walking Dead, and will air two episodes a week – edited for broadcast standards. While the network isn’t as quickly recognized by TV viewers, it is owned by FOX and reaches 97 percent of the country with repeats of shows like House and Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

“It’s not often you get to add the hottest show on the planet to your lineup,” said Frank Cicha of the Fox Television Stations. “We just did, and it’s a tremendous get for our stations.”

While today, AMC airs The Walking Dead with a strict TV-MA rating, it was originally pitched to (and rejected by) NBC. Perhaps the edited MyNetworkTV version of the hit series  (which will be rated TV-14) might give us a glimpse into what the series could have looked like if broadcast executives had gotten a hold of the series back in 2010.


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