Of Mice and Men: Atlanta Concert Review

Thursday night, the Tabernacle was packed to the brim with fans as Of Mice and Men took the stage. This was my first Of Mice and Men show, and I thought I was accustomed to metal crowds and the ways bands push hard for involvement, but I was impressed with the level of give and take frontman Austin Carlile perfectly delivered.

The crowd’s energy was already high as the band charged the stage with an explosion of kick pedal fury and dizzying guitar swells, lifting people off their feet and shaking the crowd and venue. The band’s performance sent you on a wave of crushing rides from a five-minute crescendo to a drop into an even heavier bridge that transitioned smoothly to the next song, keeping the energy high. This was especially so during the “Feels Like Forever” and “Bones Exposed,” where Carlile held the mic towards the crowd to belt lyrics in unison.

At a point, the band addressed the audience like a head coach during a passionate locker room speech, preparing them for a final play to seal a victory. All their hard work paid off tenfold when cymbals crashed and Carlile lunged onto the speakers and screamed his heart out, allowing that built energy to release alongside searing breakdowns. While their frontman pushed for crowd energy, the rest of the band supported him in every step, sweating and head-banging with every song and singing lyrics with the audience. There was never a still body in the Tabernacle unless they were in taking time to watch the pit spin and the guitarists furiously play.

After the final song played, fans continued to sing lyrics until the lights came up and the road crew rushed in to clear gear for the following act, Bring Me the Horizon.


Review Written By: Alphonso Whitfield


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