‘Being Human’ 4.10 Episode Recap and Review: Oh Don’t You Die For Me

Well, it looks like Josh has a new plan for dealing with his wolf. He talks Mark and Andrew into heading out into the woods with him during what looked like a waxing gibbous moon (or at least a not-full moon) and showed them his ability to transform whenever he wanted to. Now, not only are things not tense between Mark and Josh anymore, but Mark thinks Josh is the awesomest alpha that ever awesomed.

A few days later, Josh comes out to turn with Andrew, Carol, and April at their new farm way out in the country. They have a little surprise get-together planned so that the “new pack” can all meet Josh, their new leader. They all think he’s pretty fantastic, including his new groupie, Charlotte. Josh starts to figure out that something’s amiss when he smells that Charlotte isn’t a wolf. Yet. Mark and Andrew have invited a lot of humans who know about werewolves to come get scratched and join the pack. Mark believes that they need to grow the pack against the coming war with the vampires. Josh is totally against it, but Mark and Andrew don’t give him much choice. They lock him up and prod him with cattle prods until he turns, then let the new kids come get safely scratched one by one.

Back in Boston proper, Aidan is having a bit of a chat with Suzanna. She doesn’t believe that he’s properly remorseful, and he needs to balance the life that he took by staking a vampire. Kenny, in particular. Evidently, he’s been expanding his Boston operation exponentially. Aidan is worried that Kenny is becoming Bishop and tells him so. Kenny says that he’s doing it all so that he and Astrid can be seen together safely.

Aidan goes back to Suzanna and refuses to kill Kenny. He reveals that Kenny is his vamp-son. Suzanna gives him two months to get Kenny under control before she comes back into town and takes them both out. She tells Aidan that she’s going to be moving on until then.

Not too much later, Astrid comes to the house to tell Aidan, Sally, and Nora about what’s happened to Josh. The three housemates head out to the country on a rescue mission. Nora is able to get Josh out of the cage and out of harm’s way, but that leaves Aidan and Sally to deal with the wolf pack on their own. There’s a massive, kind of awesome fight scene in which Sally possesses a lot of wolves one right after the other in order to help turn the fight in Aidan’s favor. She jumps into the last guy standing (a huge, hulking, 300lb brute of a guy) in order to reveal her feelings for Aidan in the form of a massive liplock. Aidan’s remarkably cool with the whole “kissing my best friend while she’s in a guy” thing. Unfortunately, all of the body-hopping has taken its toll on Sally, and she dissipates.

Before Aidan can do anything else about Sally, he receives an SOS text message from Kenny. He shows at Kenny’s “office” to find many small piles of dust and his son nearly comatose on the floor. Evidently Suzanna wasn’t too keen on the whole “two months” thing. She injects Aidan with juniper (the same thing she got Kenny with) and tries to force him to stake Kenny. He realizes that Suzanna’s angst doesn’t stem from any crime that he’s committed, but from the one death that she can’t forgive: Isaac. He decides to end her eternal misery by turning the stake on her, instead.

At the house, Sally is comatose on the couch. Aidan totally blames himself for the state that Sally’s in. When he asks aloud why Sally would risk so much to help him, Nora tells him that Sally is in love with him and reveals everything that Sally told her about the two of them in the alternate timeline. Aidan is shocked, but seems to reciprocate Sally’s feelings.

Sally, on the other hand, has her own troubles to work through. While her “body” is passed out on the couch in the house, her spirit is waking up on Lil’ Smokie’s bed. What happens now?

I’m a little disappointed. I was kind of excited about Josh having actual wolf buddies until they turned on him and got all cattle prod-happy. Then I remembered that I was watching Being Human, where our heroes can be a little happy, but not too happy.

Along those lines, I’m not sorry to see Suzanna go. I appreciate the closure involved in bringing her back to remind Aidan of the life he used to have and all, but once it became clear that she’d gone all Slayer, I started losing interest in her story pretty quickly. She seemed to be more of a threat to be avoided than any sort of sympathetic character. King of Boston or not, I like Kenny much better. Now watch that come and bite me in the rear next week.


Best Quote:

Sally: “They’re showing the new ones where they’re going to turn tomorrow. It’s like a super-creepy college tour.”


Things to Ponder:

  • Are we finally going to learn what the deal with Lil’ Smokie is? Please?
  • Is Josh still the pack alpha? Will the other wolves fall back in line now that they’re all wolves?