‘Being Human’ Director Talks: What’s Ahead For Josh, Aidan And Sally

British cult classic Being Human is already being deemed the “best new show of 2011”. Recently, show runner Jeremy Carver sat down to talk about the character’s futures and much more!

On the subject of whether or not Being Human fans will experience more intense graphic content [such as the Rebecca and Aidan sex scene] on the show, Carver says this:

“The short answer is yes, in different ways. I think the premise here is to handle it slightly more on an adult level, or hopefully, and to me it’s sort of grounded and real and when you think about vampires having sex—I think Aidan [Sam Witwer] says it in the episode, “blood leads to bloodlust”—and so sex and bloodlust are sort of intertwined when it comes to a vampire. And arousal. At least in that world.”

And while we’re on the subject of sex and relationships, will there be a human-vampire romance this season? “You’re going to see Aidan attempting to have more relationships with humans—not necessarily sexual or romantic. The show likes to pop around in time, so we’ll see moments where all of our vampires are perhaps having or revisiting a relationship in their past.”

Sally’s death played out almost exactly as it did in the U.K. version of the show; are more similarities to come?

“After episode six we start to deviate a lot. Early in the season we hinted to the U.K. viewer that you’re going to see some familiar characters and situations that you may recognize, but we’re going to start twisting them off in different ways than you expect. In episode six you see a mixture of completely new situations and then something borrowed from the U.K. version—which we then spin off in a very different way. From this point on, I don’t think anything [the U.K. fans] recognize will turn out in the way they expect.”

Now onto the good stuff; what’s to come for Josh? “You’re going to see Josh [Sam Huntington] eventually confront his family, in what is a really, really exciting episode. The show takes a big departure from what people are expecting—it’s completely original to the American version. And it is a funny, scary, heartbreaking episode when Josh confronts his family. You’re going to see Josh further explore romance, [which] is going to make him, as most things, come directly into conflict with how much of himself to share, of his real self to share with the person that he loves, which will lead to some pretty severe consequences. I don’t think Josh is smart enough to realize it yet, but you don’t beat up a vampire like Marcus without consequences. So we’re going to see Josh and Aidan’s world collide a little more than they would like.”

And Aidan? What’s ahead for him? “Rebecca and Aidan’s relationship continues down an even more twisted sort of path. These are two people who have feelings for each other and there is something in the original ingredient of how they came together—Aidan killed her—that they can never shake. We’re going to see them explore this sort of lover’s relationship in a frisky, graphic, scary, adult and surprising way. You’re going to see Aidan being spun into Bishop’s [Mark Pellegrino] web more and more as the season goes on, leaving him grasping on how to extricate himself from Bishop’s control after 270-odd years. In particular you’re going to see us delve much deeper into Aidan and Bishop’s relationship in the past. Their relationship has taken some quite severe turns over the years, which is [now] all coming to a head. You’re going to learn a lot of surprising things about each of them when you visit with them in the past, which we’re really excited about. I think it’s super cool.”

And last but definitely not least, Sally? “Sally finally remembers how she died, [and with that] there is a certain retribution for her death that must be paid. This is a woman who, having learned how she died, is now going to take control of her death in a way that she had not done so before. And it’s not going to come easy. She’s going to go down a couple really dark, really long, really scary paths to get there, and I can’t even say it ends all that great. But she is hell-bent on reclaiming some sense of who she was after she learns how she died.

But there’s no guarantee that closure is about bunny rabbits and rainbows. Closure can be a very messy, scary thing—[especially] for Sally. Sally flirts between the dark side and the good side. She’s going to meet ghosts that have all the wrong intentions for her, and ghosts that are romantic relationships, and it’s going to be a constant struggle. Josh, too—and Aidan as well—is constantly struggling between good and bad. In the second half of the season Sally struggles with that a lot more, like the boys do.”

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