Chandra Wilson To Direct Grey’s Anatomy Again

Chandra Wilson is set to direct her fourth episode of Grey’s Anatomy [a show she’s already a star of]!

Wilson plays Dr. Miranda Bailey on the ABC medical drama, and Episode 20 of the seventh season will be shown through her directive eyes! The 41-year-old actress directed episodes of the show twice in the sixth season, and once earlier this year.

Talk about stars taking over Hollywood! However, it seems creator and producers of the show have no problem with giving the Grey’s Anatomy stars the directorial seat once in a while….

Kevin McKidd, who plays Dr. Owen Hunt, also directed this season, and Wilson plans to take a few ideas from her co-star. “I called him right after the episode and said, ‘I saw so many things I’m going to steal, so just don’t be mad when they show up in my episode because I’m taking them. He was like, ‘I stole them, so you can take them, too.'”

Details of the episode have yet to be revealed, even to Wilson. “I haven’t used any of the cranes yet, so hopefully my script will give me some kind of justification to bring in a big old crane and do a nice aerial sweep across the cast,” she says. “So if you see it in the episode, you’ll know that’s something I lobbied for.”

In the meantime, the cast is currently shooting the Tony Phelan-directed musical episode, titled “Grey’s Anatomy: The Music Event,” set to air Thursday, March 31 at 9/8c on ABC.