Danai Gurira Talks Fear, Michonne and ‘The Walking Dead’


With the season finale of The Walking Dead just days away, Danai Gurira has been talking a bit about what it’s like to play Michonne. While Gurira’s character may seem pretty fearless, the actress is far from it.

“I’m a big scaredy cat.” Gurira admitted to People Magazine. “When I joined the show, I had to assure myself zombies couldn’t climb walls or open doors.”

But Gurira loves the vast differences between herself and Michonne, “I love that people don’t recognize me. I get to put her on and live in this other woman’s skin, and then I take her off. And Michonne can’t be concerned about her looks, so neither can I. I like that I’m on TV and I don’t have to think about being pretty.”

We have to disagree with Danai though. We think she’s absolutely stunning – and hands down one of our favorite female badasses. To check out more from Danai be sure to check out the current issue of People Magazine!

Photo Credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

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