Adam Scott Reprises ‘Step Brothers’ Role To Promote Healthcare Initiative

Parks and Recreation star Adam Scott has reprised his role from Step Brothers in a new video to promote President Barack Obama’s new healthcare initiative.

Scott revisited his unlikable character, Derek Huff, from the 2008 hit comedy in a new video for

In the clip, Scott interrupts a meeting with TV presenter Jeff Probst, rocker Chris Daughtry and businessman Mark Cuban to rant against health insurance.

As his alter-ego Huff, Scott stands in front of a large American flag backdrop and shouts, “Health insurance equals fear, and I’m not afraid of anything bro… I’ve had fourteen concussions and I like ’em. I don’t even vaccinate my kids. Hey, they get polio, that’s their problem. My primary care physician is (TV foodie) Anthony Bourdain.”

He goes on to describe various outlandish situations he’s survived, only to fall and hurt his ankle when he’s done filming, calling out for an ambulance and lamenting the fact he doesn’t have health insurance.

Scott’s comedy sketch comes just weeks after President Obama starred in an interview with The Hangover star Zach Galifianakis for his web series Between Two Ferns, which quickly became a viral video sensation.

A Message from Step Brothers’ Adam Scott from Funny Or Die

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