Linkin Park Creates Playable Music Video In Project Spark

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Just when you thought Project Spark couldn’t get more interesting. Microsoft has recently partnered with Linkin Park on a few projects, and the latest is an interactive music video for their song Guilty All the Same. It is made entirely in Project Spark and is fully playable and editable by the community. You can see it in action below:

I have personally played it, and it is surprisingly fun. It takes the form of an endless runner, with a few twists as you can see. What is most impressive is, when I was done, I immediately went in to take it apart and see how it was made. I must say, it’s very impressive. Most of the world and items you see are generated dynamically using in game logic. Everything you see in the level aside from the starting area is constructed on the fly as you play the game. It blew my mind, looking at the word and seeing how it was constructed. It just shows how powerful Project Spark can be in the right hands.


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