‘Lost Girl’ 4.10 Episode Recap and Review: Waves

The episode opens with a distressingly bloody Bo staring at her reflection in the mirror. An equally-bloody Rainer appears behind her, saying “they didn’t give us a choice.” Not an auspicious start to the day.

Several hours earlier, Kenzi arrives at Dyson’s place to have a pow-wow with him and with Lauren. Bo’s locked everyone out of the Clubhouse for at least 24 hours, and now the trio are left on their own to figure out what their next step should be. In an attempt to distract Bo’s exes, Kenzi brings in a fae detective case. Diana is a human-raised pixie who recently had her legs forcibly removed in an extremely strange swimming incident at her company’s pool. She arranges for Dyson and Kenzi to sneak in so that they can investigate what’s been going on.

Their main suspect is the company owner, Darren. Kenzi’s investigations lead her to a lab full of severed legs in jars. Dyson looks into the pool system and finds a pearl in the filters. Testing reveals that the pearl isn’t a pearl at all, but a crystallized salt deposit. According to Dyson, that can mean only one thing: mermaids, creatures that are considerably more dangerous than Disney would have us believe.

Kenzi continues snooping about and finds herself back in the Lab o’ Legs. She’s discovered by Darren himself, who demonstrates his ability to make people drown on dry land. Kenzi accuses him of stealing Diana’s legs, but Darren had no idea that had happened. All of the legs in the room were from donors, not victims. Darren is a merman who, after the merfolk version of his Rumspringa, decided to find a way to live on land instead of returning to the sea. The pearls must mean that his sister is coming after him for not returning to the water.

Dyson, Kenzi, and Lauren set a trap for Darren’s sister in the pool. They successfully capture her and get her side of the story. Dominique just wants her siblings back, and has been trying to steal legs so that she can find Darren. They scare up a wheelchair and bring her to Darren. Mid-confrontation, Diana wheels in, revealing that she is Dominique’s other missing sibling. Diana and Darren talk Dominique over to their side and the newly-reunited trio attack Dyson, Kenzi, and Lauren. Their plan is to steal the legs of our intrepid heroes and stay on land indefinitely.

Lauren puts a kink in said plan by dousing all three of the merfolk with tap water, which is like kryptonite to their kind. They melt into sea foam, pretty much putting a cap on this particular adventure.

Meanwhile, Bo is reminiscing about how she met Rainer (so we finally get to know). When she arrived on the death train, Rainer was none too happy to see her. He says that she’s free to get off at the next stop, but that she’ll have no memory of her time on the train. He eventually explains that he has no memory of why he’s been condemned to stay, and that someone would have to return to the train willingly in order to free him. In a series of disjointed cut-scenes, Bo falls in love with him and lays the groundwork for her return, including having him sponsor her decision to go Dark.

Back in the “just before the opening scene” present, Bo takes Rainer to confront the Una Mens and possibly get his power of foresight back. There’s a seriously massive fight, and Rainer is able to use his power to help Bo defeat the Keeper. They kill everybody.

Either after or before that happens (honestly, I couldn’t quite tell), Trick comes to Bo to beg her to watch out for Rainer. He knows that Rainer is going to ask her to help him kill the Una Mens. If that happens, all of their power will consolidate into a single Origin Seed – the one that was stolen from Trick a few episodes back. Oops.

So I ranted pretty hard about my dislike for Rainer last week. Doing it again would get repetitive, so I’m going to go with just one snark before I talk about the rest of the episode: I like a little more plot and a little less Stockholm Syndrome in my spontaneous love stories, thank you.

Other than the storyline that’s rapidly losing my interest, I loved the rest of the episode. Watching Kenzi geek out over mermaids was absolutely adorable. I’ll grant that the B-plot (or was it the A-plot?) was kind of filler-tastic this week, but I tend to love the fast-paced, monster-of-the-week episodes. They’re just more fun, as far as I’m concerned.

Only three episodes left in the season! How is this all going to resolve?

Best Quote:

Kenzi: “You want to be where the people are…”

Things to Ponder:

  • Is Rainer actually evil, or am I just biased? The whole “slaughtering the Una Mens” thing smacks of evil.
  • How did it take me this long to notice that Kyle Schmid (Rainer) also played Henry on Being Human?
  • I had a Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy moment. Was Trick’s warning about the Una Mens another flashback, or was he attempting to close the barn door after the horses have escaped? (Funny enough, I followed the flashbacks in TTSS pretty easily. It’s Lost Girl that gets me confused.)

Lost Girl 4.10 Episode Recap and Review: Waves



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