‘Being Human’ 4.11 Episode Recap and Review: Ramona the Pest

We’re picking up at the end of last episode. Sally has just woken up in Lil’ Smokie’s room, but she can’t quite figure out how she got there. She did a lot of possessing the night before, but no magic. Her confusion only deepens when she realizes that she can hear Josh and Nora arguing through the wall. As it turns out, Sally isn’t in a different time. She’s in a room that’s been sealed off from the rest of the house.

Nora runs down to the basement to get a sledgehammer so that they can open up the new room, waking Aidan in the process. Aidan, it seems, is having Very Special Dreams about Sally now. Also, the sledgehammer is entirely unnecessary, as Aidan is more than happy to Kool-Aid Man right through the wall. (No kidding, guys. I had to pause the show to get my laughter under control.) Lil’ Smokie definitely died there. There’s blood soaked into the floorboards and, more recently, very creepy, Silence-esque tick marks carved into the blood. As the roommates are puzzling this out, Sally’s dad shows up. The house has been sold and he needs their keys by next Monday.

That’s when things start to go downhill this episode. Aidan starts tossing everything he owns, thinking that with Suzanna dead, he no longer has or needs ties to his past. He and Sally have a little talk where he reveals that he’s reluctant to start a relationship with her because her friendship is so important and his relationships end in “massive disasters.”

To get out of the house, Aidan goes to see Kenny. He walks in on Kenny and Astrid having a lovers’ quarrel. Kenny wants to pick up and leave everything behind. Astrid is reluctant to leave her pack and storms out. Kenny asks Aidan to ask Josh and Nora to talk to Astrid about getting away. Aidan does. Josh rather vehemently disagrees, and he and Aidan get into a big fight about vampires, werewolves, and their friendship. The fight is interrupted rather effectively by the appearance of Lil’ Smokie herself, Ramona.

Evidently breaking the secret room open released her spirit. She’s been listening to the housemates since they moved in and doesn’t want them to leave. She also really wants to speak to her twin sister, Beatrice, who was always her only link to the outside world. Sally agrees to try to get Beatrice to the house. She reasons that getting Beatrice there might help Ramona get her door, which might put Sally on the path to getting her own door. Of course, she and Aidan argue about that (in the middle of the DMV where Beatrice works). They agree to give their relationship a shot, as long as Sally doesn’t go door-hunting. Aidan manages to talk to Beatrice, but she denies ever having a sister and calls security to have him thrown out.

Meanwhile, Astrid has come to the house, and she’s brought a gun and the rest of the pack with her. Nora answers the door, but Ramona won’t let Josh out of the bedroom to help her until he changes into the wolf. Ramona thinks that wolfing out is the only way Josh can protect himself and Nora from the pack. He finally turns, Ramona lets him out, and Josh slaughters the entire pack, including Astrid.

Aidan and Sally return to find bodies everywhere and Nora comforting a near-catatonic Josh. Trauma or no, it’s the night of the full moon, so Nora and Josh drive out to the trailer where Nora had been staying during Josh’s wolf months. Sally has a plan. She thinks that if she can possess Josh and get into his wolf/human headspace, maybe she can fix the damage that her spell did when it brought him back.

Sally jumps into Josh and finds his human self running and hiding from his wolfy half. She manages to convince human-Josh that running from the wolf isn’t working. He finally confronts his wolf and masters it, becoming the Josh that we (and Nora) all know and love. Josh and Nora share a very sweet reunion scene with Sally looking on from a respectful distance.

Back at the house, Aidan has called Kenny for help with clean-up, but not before he moves Astrid’s body into Ramona’s room. He tells Kenny that Astrid was killed by the pack for wanting to leave. Kenny believes the lie and goes along with Aidan’s suggestion that he leave all this madness behind and just go be seventeen for a while. Once Kenny and his crew are done with clean-up detail, Aidan heads back upstairs to take care of Ramona’s body. What he doesn’t notice is that there are several new tickmarks over on the bloodstained floorboards. ‘Cause that’s not ominous at all.

Kenny is back in his lair and heartbroken. Astrid’s ghost comes to him, wanting to apologize for the events that led up to her death. Of course, with her apology comes the truth about who really killed her, albeit accidentally. Kenny is in a rage from which no good things can come.

So much arguing in this episode, and I’m not entirely sure why. Were all these fights (and just about everyone had a fight this time around) legit and just destined to boil over as they did, or was something else at work? Ramona seems like a pretty powerful spirit. Could her release have something to do with the metric ton of tension this episode, or was it just that everything happened to finally bubble over at once?

Everything is really starting to come to a head. Granted, it kind of has to, seeing as how there are only two episodes left in Being Human. With just two episodes to wrap everything up (and we’ve been promised that it’s a satisfying ending), I can only imagine how jam-packed these final shows are going to be!

Best Quote:

Nora: “It just kind of lunged from under the covers!!”

Things to Ponder:

  • Did we know that werewolves get ghosts? In my head, supernatural creatures couldn’t become ghosts.
  • What’s Kenny going to do to Josh? Is he going to rekindle the vampire/werewolf war?
  • Did the writers come up with Aidan’s Kool-Aid Man moment, or did Sam Witwer? I have absolutely no trouble believing it was Witwer.

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