Minx Go Review: Portable Beats from Cambridge Audio

The Minx Go is built to be an on the go speaker that can be taken to the park, pool side, or any other location where music would be appreciated. No cords are necessary for use of the Minx Go as users simply need to charge the internal battery before taking it with them. It can connect to any media device (smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.) through Bluetooth, keeping it cordless, or users can plug in a device by using an auxiliary cord instead.

The surprising thing about the Minx Go is how long the battery lasts once charged. It doesn’t just give the user a few good hours before it needs to be charged again. I’ve had the battery last for well over 10 hours so far, and it’s built to last up to 18 hours, which is very pleasing. The other nice thing about the Minx Go is that if someone forgets to shut off the speaker, it’ll turn itself off automatically 30 minutes after it’s no longer in use.


The Minx Go is very smooth looking and incredibly well built. For an on the go device, some may say it’s a little heavy, but they should overlook that because it’s so sturdy. It also has a stand on the bottom side that slides out to help it stay standing upward. Volume and power control can be found on the top-center of the device while the power cord, auxiliary, and USB outlets plugin to the backside.

So what about the sound? That’s the most important part of any speaker. Thankfully, Cambridge Audio got that right as well, making the Minx Go an absolute stellar portable speaker. It has a clear and crisp sound with a strong but not overpowering bass, providing users with a perfect mix of audio and giving them a joyful listening experience no matter where they set up the device. It’s a very powerful sound that comes out of this smaller-sized speaker and it definitely leaves a good impression.

I’m very impressed with the Minx Go. It’s a great speaker to have on the go or to set up somewhere around the house. It’ll fill any room or area with a rich melodic sound from everyone’s favorite tunes. I highly recommend the Minx Go for anyone who’s in need of adding a clear and strong sound where it’s currently lacking.


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