ATH-ANC70 Review: Audio-Technica’s QuietPoint Headphones

I’m always on the lookout for another great pair of headphones. Ever since I purchased a pair of Sony DJ headphones years ago, that’s when I became picky about the sound quality I get. Overpowering bass doesn’t mean good sound. A lot of headphones try to hide its average sounding headphones behind an overly obnoxious bass. A great pair of headphones has clear sounds that stand out along with the bass.

Audio-Technica’s ATH-ANC70 headphones have this brilliant sound of clear melodies mixed with a strong bass, but only when the noise-cancelling option is on. Before turning on the noise-cancelling option that is powered by a single triple-A battery, the headphones have a clear sound that does lack a strong bass. Those who are used to a strong bass will certainly notice its absence. However, what stands out is every other piece of musical joy that each song offers.

For people to get the most out of these headphones, they’ll need to put in the battery and turn on the noise-cancelling option, which brings out the true sound that these headphones offer. It’s a great and powerful sound as well, providing a heavy beat while keeping everything else clear. These are definitely a quality sounding pair of headphones that everyone can get on board with.


When it comes to the noise-cancelling option, it not only gives power to the bass on the headphones, but it actually eliminates background noise up to around 90%. Now, sitting in a regular room and turning the option on and off while music is playing doesn’t allow the user to actually hear the change in noise-cancelling. They’ll notice the increased sound and bass, but not the noise-cancelling effect. However, leave the music turned off and go from having the noise-cancelling option off and turn it on, that’s when users can actually hear the change.

I didn’t discover just how strong the noise-cancelling ability is until I was on my recent trip. As we know, flying on a plane is loud. However, before starting the music, I put the headphones on and turned on the noise-cancelling option, and that’s when I heard the massive change in background noise. I was so surprised how well Audio-Technica’s QueitPoint headphones work. I would then turn the music on and pretty much forget that I was even flying on an airplane. They work that well, especially in louder points of a song.

For sound and noise-cancelling, the ATH-ANC70 headphones are a great choice. But they’re also very convenient when it comes to pausing, going forward a track, or going backwards a track. On the left side of the headphones is a button that users can push to control what they’re listening to. If someone is listening on their iPhone and needs to stop the music real quickly, they can do so by tapping once on the headphones instead of pulling out the phone and pressing pause. It’s just as convenient if a song comes on that someone doesn’t like. They can simply tap the button twice (quickly) to skip forward. They can even tap three times (quickly) to go back to a favorite song.

Audio-Technica’s ATH-ANC70 is a fantastic and convenient pair of headphones that anyone can enjoy. They are also incredibly comfortable to wear, though I worry a little bit about its durability. That’s pretty much my only complaint about the headphones. Everything else is absolutely jammin’!

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