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‘Once Upon A Time’ 3.15 Episode Recap and Review: Quiet Minds

‘Once Upon A Time’ 3.15 Episode Recap and Review: Quiet Minds


The last episode of Once Upon A Time is heartbreaking and full of surprises. Magic always has a price… This review contains major spoilers, you have been warned!

Zelena tries to call the Dark One with his dagger, however Rumple is on the run and doesn’t respond. At Granny’s Dinner, everyone is reunited to make a plan to find Rumple and discover who is The Wicked Witch. Regina decides to go to the farmhouse in search for traces while Belle has an idea in where they can start looking for Rumple. She stays in the shop in case Rumple appears and Hook is commited to stay there too, protecting her.

But it’s not Rumple who arrives… Neal is alive! He wakes up in the hospital, where Emma explains to him the actual situation. Henry has not his memories back and she’s not sure if they have to make him remember, because he’s really happy with his life in New York.

Zelena shows up to calm down Snow, the lack of movement in her stomach panics her. Meanwhile, Regina shows up at the farmhouse and catches an arrow fired at her from behind a tree. Robin appears and maybe they don’t know each other but there’s an obvious chemistry between them.

In the hospital, Hook is being the nanny of Neal. But Neal is not going to stay there without do nothing. Hook agrees with him and surprisingly, he hugs Neal! Bromance moment!

Back in the past, Neal and Belle are looking the way to bring back Rumple from the death. They found Lumière, a man trapped inside of a candelabra, who gives them exactly what they were looking for. Without any doubt, they trust Lumière and follow his instructions. They have no idea who’s controlling the candelabra…

Neal and Belle find the vault, but uncover that Lumière was lying. Lumière tells them about The Wicked Witch, but ignoring Belle’s advice, Neal unlocks the vault and burns his hand. But magic always has a price. A life for a life. Neal’s life must be sacrificed…

Presently, Regina and Robin are searching any trace of magic in the farmhouse when she notices the lion tattoo in Robin’s arm. Meanwhile, Neal finds Emma and together continue the search of a crazed Rumple. They are talking about Henry when Belle phones Emma and explains to her what means the mark that Neal has in his hand… They may don’t remember but it makes sense that it was Neal who opened the vault to bring back Rumple…

The only reason Neal is still alive is because once Rumple returned to life, he absorbed him and the two coexisted in one body with one mind. Emma has to use her magic to separate them. Neal convinces her, because Rumple can help them to defeat the Wicked Witch, not him. Neal and Rumple separate… Neal tells Emma to make sure Henry knows that he did love him, that he is a good man… Rumple tries to save him, to don’t lose him, but Neal make him comprehend that without his magic, there’s no hope against the Wicked Witch. Rumple taught him everything he knows about sacrifice, now it is his turn to make a sacrifice for those he loves. Neal passes away in Emma’s arms…

This episode has been one of the sadest in the whole series. Neal’s death is going to change some things for many of the characters, including Henry when he has all his memories back… If Emma decides to don’t make him remember! Because Storybrooke has reached a new level.

In next episode of Once Upon A Time, the Wicked Witch is going to show up! They know now who is her, but will the battle begin? Or do we have to know more things of the story yet?

Things to Ponder:

  • When Regina watches Robin with his son from afar, maybe is she ready to start her love story with him?
  • Hook remembering the kid once Neal was, what a touching scene! A great way to have said goodbye to a friend…
  • Snow realizing that she has been trusting the enemy.. Just before know Neal was dead, and leaving aside her feelings to hug her daughter. Is the baby safe? I don’t think so…

Best Quote:

  • Neal to Hook: “I need to do this, Killian. You know that, right?” 


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  1. Really, it is heartbreaking and full of surprises in the last episode of “Once Upon A Time”.The review is enjoyable.Thanks. Hope for you the next episode review.


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